Supreme Court's Ruling to Strike Down Trademark Law Banning "Disparaging" Names a Win for Portland Band, The Slants


Dan Snyder sends his appreciation, marginalized people like him feel better now.
Fascinating. You might spend your time more productively reviewing the decision they also announced today, denying a cause of action for the numerous Muslims rounded up by the feds and held without charge for months after 9/11.
So Snyder acknowledges that his team's name is racist?

Well, at least the Kimmy Schmidt kids will get some more mileage out of that running gag they been flogging for the past couple of seasons...
The trademark law isn't used against anyone like a cudgel. Tam's argument doesn't make any sense. He could call his band whatever he wants at any time. The only thing a trademark does is give him some economic exclusivity. It's not a big speech win or win for minority rights because 1) the speech could happen anyway, and 2) minorities don't gain anything by securing microscopic slices of economic protectionism to use demeaning words or slurs.
Any word yet on when Chop Suey will stop terrorizing Asian people with it's hateful and damaging name?
I predict Evergreen College students will march on the Supreme Court and demand a day of absence from the justices so they can spend a day correcting such hate-speech rulings.