Led By Patty Murray, Senate Democrats Will Hold the Floor In Protest of Secret Obamacare Repeal Bill


senate mysteries
secret talks and arm twisting
americans die
Her stand would be a lot more commendable if she hadn't taken so much money from drug companies. Pay attention people.
This is exactly what she should be doing, and I'm so glad that we have her representing us. Go Patty go!
I now write haiku
i'm as stupid as ever
my name is raindrop
Mitch McStupid needs to kicked to the curb. He's not for Americans, he's for big business.
Go, Patty, GO!!!! Take the RepubliKKKan pigfuckers DOWN, roast 'em to a black crisp, stick a fork in their asses and let's call this DONE!
better than nothing.
Shouldn't Bernie Sanders be leading the charge?
"Holding space" makes it sound like some of the performance art around here, but hey, whatever the fuck works.
@2 allowing the perfect be the enemy of the good is what got us into this predicament in the first place.
There were some GREAT, qualitative, no bullshit speaches on the senate floor yesterday and today. In case you missed them you can always check them out on YouTube. I thought it was a well orchestrated legislative maneuver/media event by the Dems. But more importantly the Democrats showed they could actually fight back in a unified, principled, and articulate manner. If they keep it up we'll get a new congress in 2018.