UPDATE: Owner of Blue Moon Burgers Admits to Participating in Racist Text Exchange Describing Black Employees


Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
What else have you done, Mr. Owner, to make amends for your racist behavior?
Why make this into a news article if he's sincerely regretful? Seriously.
@2 Well it certainly didn't include a direct apology to the gentlemen in the photo for humiliating them with racist garbage behavior or sending out an apology in general that didn't make him sound like a smug weasel.
"I'm SO SO sorry.... that I was caught".

Main problem is that the BM burgers are not worth the wait and the cost.
Never eating there again.
@3 I've got nothing but eyerolls at your sincerely regretful comment. Here's a notion: how about you quit making excuses for other people's bad behavior? This was released into the wild because one or more of the employees felt like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission let them down.
@8: Then why aren't your eyeballs also directed at the EEOC?
Ugh, horrific for all the employees of color who work there (last time I went to the Bway location the women there were utter magic - special shout out to them).

Also @Phoebe, he straight up lied on facebook yesterday about his involvement, and claimed that another employee stole his ipad ID or something. Dude isn't regretful - ditto @6 - he's sorry he got caught.
The apology rings hollow, understandably, because first came the lie of a denial "wasn't me! Someone else stole my account! That always happens! Look away!" The lie didn't work, so now he tries to act sincerely remorseful ("please buy my burgers minorities!"), which is a lie. It's just PR. If you are willing to type up and send a racial slur in social media you have no defense. It isn't an accident, or keyboard failure, or 'out of context'. It's an intentional use of that language dreamt up and employed by the mind of the typist.
also @1 my eyes rolled so hard i'm pretty sure I pulled something
@1: You really are a piece of human shit.
@13: I still think it's a troll account, but they're garbage nontheless.
"a single failure"

@11 - My goodness. I didn't read the Facebook page. Hence, I stand corrected.

Nevertheless, redemption is important and it's important to give people the benefit of the doubt, otherwise we'll never improve race relations.

Apologies everyone, except to the troll (#15).
No news here except he got caught. In their privacy, many business owners, just like many people period, practice their bigotry with guffaws and jokes and wink winks and so on and so forth. This dude just got busted,,,What, one wonders, for instance, does Donny Trumpkins or Tex Rillerson guffaw about behind their many years of closed privileged doors,,,??? PUT OUT THE WORD, no more Blue Moon humbugers...they're done,,,(I wish)....

Seriously? What the actual fuck, Blue Moon? An employee send you a photo and refers to your employees as N***ers and there's no immediate reprimand for that?! Instead, you roll with the joke?! No. Just...

What the actual fuck?!

I'm not even going to address the blatant stupidity of not doing so on a company account on a company iPad because that shit is distracting from your acceptance of a racial slur referring to your employees.

Though, I wonder, if this happened three years ago, why is it just coming out now?
the N-word is still routinely used by seattle area Wells Fargo management, only in the presence of like minded whites, of course. only a matter of time before an iphone message of theirs will leak out
Lied about it frickin' yesterday trying to blame it on an employee? Any previous attempts to accept responsibility are wiped out. Start over, wearing a "what an asshole" penalty.
So this was allegedly a single lapse??? That would be a lie. The truth of the matter is the employee who initiated the message felt comfortable enough to send it to the owner, which means this type of conversation had been had before.
The exchange was from 3 years ago, the company was investigated for 18 months... but yet now its breaking news?
For those who don't know, Charlie is a bit deranged when you take the time to meet him. I worked at that Blue Moon for a while (before this exchange) and whenever he visited the store, he would always get drink and cozy up to the employees to the point where he let his freak flag fly. He would make comments about killing homeless people, hiring Mexicans to do his menial tasks around the store, and always had a smile on his face.

Also for those who don't know, Charlie is also a food chemist. He's created recipes for bread at supermarkets that hold 0 nutritional value (usually the loaves you find for 99 cents at QFC) and he's been quoted as saying he wouldn't feed the stuff to a starving child. Charlie is the worst kind of person, and this "scandal" is the silver lining in exposing him.

I also know who typed the messages. Her initials are KP. You can read the original Facebook post about this stuff to find out her full name if you want.
@23: The investigation was in legal limbo for some time, where the cooks were trying to litigate a settlement. Their lawyer went AWOL, so they decided to release the whole thing to the public.
@23 regardless of how long ago it was, the owner was still more than willing to pretend he didn't do it as recently as yesterday or so ago. You are never *done* apologizing for a thing like that. And you certainly never get to pretend it never happened.
Took him 3 years, cuz he probably thinks it'll help him with EEOC. Problem is, his employee knew he could send this message (picture & n*$$#r) and the owner wouldn't blink. And he was right. This is about so much more than just this message.