As Rich put it the other day: These mother fuckers are effectively trying to sentence millions of people to death.
As Rich put it the other day: "These mother fuckers are effectively trying to sentence millions of people to death." MARK WILSON / GETTY

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U.S. Senate Republicans Release Trumpcare Bill to Gut the Affordable Care Act, Doubling Down on GOP House Proposal: The lawmakers want to "create a new system of federal tax credits to help people buy health insurance, while offering states the ability to drop many of the benefits required by the Affordable Care Act, like maternity care, emergency services and mental health treatment," the New York Times reports. Planned Parenthood would also be defunded.

Elizabeth Warren Says She's "Sick of Coming Down to the Senate Floor to Explain to Republicans What Planned Parenthood Does": 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Senator Patty Murray Wants GOP Colleagues to Get Off Their Asses: "I have to say, after hearing this week about so many of my Republican colleagues feeling frustrated about this bill’s process... well, you have the power to do something about it, not just to complain about it," she said during a hearing this morning. "You can insist on full hearings, open debate, and increased transparency. Because let’s be very clear about this—people across the country are very worried, and they are watching. They are going to be paying close attention to what’s released today. And frankly they aren’t going to accept any of your excuses, if this bill slips through without any scrutiny.”

Rollout for SPD's Body-Camera Program Is Mired in Labor Negotiations: The Seattle Police Officers Guild folded the program into their general wage negotiations, in which they are asking for "extra pay of about 1 ½ percent for officers who wear body cameras, according to three sources familiar with the talks," the Seattle Times reports. A renewed call for police officers to wear body-cams followed the fatal shooting of Charleena Lyles, a pregnant mother of four, at the hands of Seattle Police Officers Steven McNew and Jason Anderson on June 18. There is limited surveillance and dashboard camera footage from the site.

King County Has Enough Money to Give More Police Officers Crisis Intervention Training, but They’re Not Spending It: "For each of the past six years, King County has left between $150,000 and $250,000 on the table, or up to 32 percent of the entire CIT budget — a total of more than $1 million dollars in six years," David Kroman reports for Crosscut. "That extra money could have trained between 60 and 120 additional officers every year." This type of training could help officers recognize someone in a mental health crisis and teach them to defuse potentially violent interactions, as seen in Lyles' killing.

Hundreds of people marched for justice for Charleena Lyles on Tuesday.
Hundreds of people marched for justice for Charleena Lyles on Tuesday. Nate Gowdy

Washington State Could Be Headed for a Partial Government Shutdown on July 1: Governor Jay Inslee called state lawmakers back for a third special session on Wednesday after they were unable to agree on a new two-year state budget. That budget must also satisfy a state Supreme Court mandate to adequately fund Washington State schools, which were found to be criminally underfunded, the Associated Press reports. The current state budget runs out on June 30. Inslee told the AP "if he didn't get a budget from them by the end of next week, the Legislature would 'have to live with the legacy' of being the first in the state 'to fail completely on the one job they are legally required to do.'" Damn, Jay!

ICYMI: Mayor Ed Murray announced his "Fair Chance Housing" proposal yesterday, which would make it easier for people with criminal records to get housing. The proposal prohibits landlords from posting housing ads barring people with convictions from applying for housing and "would also be prohibited from asking prospective tenants about convictions more than two years old, arrests that did not result in convictions, pending charges, juvenile records, or convictions that have been expunged," Heidi reports. If a landlord rejects someone with a criminal record, they would have to prove the rejection was not discriminatory. Seattle City Council member Lisa Herbold's civil rights committee will begin considering the legislation in mid-July.

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