Its windows are totally blind; animals that are not human certainly call its two bedrooms and one bath home; and only a few humans can pay the $450,000 that the major fixer upper in Greenwood is listed at for sale. Tearing down the house will be expensive, and building a new one on the plot will be even more expensive. You need to have deep pockets to make it an American dream.

The folks at KHQ-TV (the Inland Northwest's main source for local news) got a little clever and searched the Realtor website for a house in their town, Spokane, that's worth $450,000. This is what they found. This house—which is in the heart of the city, and, as you can see, actually has some architecture in it (the Greenwood house has never had anything like that), and is across the street from one of the city's best parks, and has wonderful windows that clearly see the big and leafy trees in the park—would easily be worth a million more bones in the 206.

KHQ-TV's post on this story has these two revealing comments:

Vicki Colton · The University of Utah
Dear Lord, please bring loving sane people here to counteract hate.
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Tom Starr · Spokane, Washington
Good God, don't encourage those liberal d-bags to move over here. They'll just bring their cancer with them.
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Notice that second comment got 14 likes and the first one none.