UPDATE: Seattle Police Flack Talks About the Charleena Lyles Shooting While Playing Video Games


I can't think that I'm the only one that thinks incorporating FPS into cops work show an unhealthy activity not meant to calm but to set them on edge and hone "target -> response" which is used for soldiers, NOT COPS.

I think it shows how fucked up these cops are.
Fuck Sean whitcomb. He's been covering for these dirty pigs for years.
I mean, that's the audience, right? Most twitch streams have a nominal "no politics" policy (which is bogus on it's face, but whatever) and gamers are shockingly disconnected from the issues that face them "IRL". I'm heartened to see SPD reaching out in this way.

"Rubbed you the wrong way" is probably a fair descriptor, but I'd like hear more about *how* it rubbed you the wrong way. I don't necessarily see a difference between the Lyles shooting and any of the other topics apparently discussed on the program (which I had never watched before). Obviously it's a serious case, but aren't they all? I don't see any way to aghast at this particular stream on this particular topic without also feeling like the entire concept of discussing police issues amid the context of a video game stream is inappropriate. This smells more like "upset person lashing out at anything" than "writing with journalistic merit". I'd be excited to read a more detailed take on this still.
It's almost as if everything rubs you guys the wrong way...
@5: Can you please just voice your opinion without jumping down everyone's throat?
Talking about how torn up you are about your coworkers killing a pregnant woman while playing a video game is exactly how to convince people that you're not torn up about it.
SPD's slick PR needs to be shut down. It's one thing to do public service announcements, educational campaigns, whatever. This isn't that. This is propaganda. My tax dollars don't need to be spent for Sean Whitcomb to sit on his ass playing video games while talking about how SPD (most regrettably of course) shoots pregnant women.
A good PR consultant would actually tell SPD to shut up and listen.

This broadcast messaging PR is lipstick on a pig, no pun intended. Stop trying to pretty things up.
I like it when the spokesperson is saying a bunch of crap that he doesn't know anything about. "I don't know, it's not my investigation." I think the best part though was when he talks about crisis training and how one of the officers on the scene was certified in crisis intervention. *sigh*
To all those shaming this officer for using his spare time to provide a space for engagement. Screw you! Yes in this video is kind of tone deaf and doesn't open himself/the department up for an answer but shit it's a conversation, an engagement opportunity.

As a gamer and kid from the projects, I'm very excited to learn an officer is doing this even if the conversation was too safe to protect the department. The only way I could work and trust cops growing up is the ones honest enough to work and be with the community especially when it was obviously dangerous to them.

Seriously get your anger in check and look at what potential is done here. We need more police willing to do outreach and engage the community so they can be better.

Shit in the video he makes note that both officers trained and one was an "expert" in crisis management yet shit man did they failed miserably.
He's playing a f*cking video game. What kind of a way is that to apologize or explain ANYTHING. Can you imagine being a parent and explaining to your kid why their mom died while playing Pacman..

f*ck the police

This is why the world is messed up. Because we don't demand accountability. Because we don't think it's wrong for cops to shoot innocent civilians. Because we don't do anything at all
Big deal. The guy isn't the chief of police. It's a quasi-formal job.

This distracts from the real issue: the fact the that MSM(The Stranger) jumps to conclusions and blames cops everytime they have to use deadly force- and the Stranger has been wrong every single time. We need to wait until we know the details; this "Newspaper" is incredibly irresponsible with their anti-cop, anti-white bias.
Radical idea: instead of a pr guy wooing masses with rehearsed explanations from, of all one way platforms, twitch (wtf), the officers that shot should be explaining themselves before a local audience of citizens and reporters in televised interviews.
"Spare time"? No.

"Quasi formal job"? No.

This is his actual job. He is paid to do this. His title is Public Affairs Director. Public Affairs is not some non-job, and it's not some goof off detail. It's a critical part of the Police Department, and it affects the SPD, and the whole city, if it isn't done well. Whitcomb is paid by the city to perform this task at a professional level of competence. When he fucks up, he's fucking the SPD and he's fucking Seattle. The kicker: Whitcomb has a communications degree from UW and 17 years as a cop. It's (theoretically) supposed to know what the hell he's doing.

If I figured out a way to get my job to pay me to play video games, I'd a least have the sense not to fuck up. No more gaming on the clock for you, Sean. Good one.

You ever get the sense that these cops actually want Seattle to hate them? Or that the SPD is some kind of ironic performance art (that kills people)? It just seems like Whitcomb and the rest of these clowns couldn't embarrass the department more if they tried.
@6- that would involve him having the intelligence to form an opinion.