One of sciences great Williams, enjoying the touch tank at the Pacific Science Center.
One of science's great Williams, enjoying the touch tank at Pacific Science Center. Access for All / YouTube

The Seattle Times would have you believe that Access for All, aka Proposition 1 on your August ballot, is just an "arts tax" that's "nice" but not urgent. Bill Nye has paused his busy schedule of speaking the truth about climate change to highlight the opportunities the tax will provide in the realms of science, heritage, and arts education, and to tell you just how necessary this funding really is. Check out these spots:

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If you don't buy the science guy's line on this, consider reading about all the great and necessary and human and beautiful things King County's regional arts, science, and heritage organizations could accomplish for low-income families and kids, all for the low low (albeit regressive) price of a $0.001 cent sales tax increase. Or consider reading about how important this kind of access is, especially for kids who live in a state that is currently failing to provide basic education for its students.