Charles Mudede

Are there are no children in Phinney Ridge? There are signs like the one pictured above ('Drive Like Your Pets Live Here') all over my neighborhood, Columbia City, but instead, they say: 'Drive Like Your Children Live Here.' But maybe this is all about to change in Columbia City and other parts of South Seattle that are being gentrified. Kids in poorer neighborhoods play on the street. It is used as a public space in a way that it's not in middle- and upper-class quarters. Nevertheless, in rich and poor, south and north parts of town, fast drivers are universally bad. They kill pets, and their owners; they kill children, and their parents.

A new app promoted by Seattle's #VisionZero provides information not only about speed-related collisions in your neighborhood since 2006, but those involving cyclists, parked cars, pedestrians, and minds that were everywhere else but behind the command of their 4,000 pounds of industrial materials. The app also includes the cost of these accidents. Cars are not cheap for their owners and society in general.