The Morning News: Hundreds Attend Charleena Lyles Hearing: "We’ve Been Working on This for 20 Years and It Failed Her"


This city has lost its mind. We can all hear the tape. We know what happened. Yet our council acts like this was some depraved act of murder. What a joke.
The fact that the entire panel of city council members sat back and allowed words like "murder" to be used dozens and dozens of times, without being contested, is disgusting. I was disappointed last month when Councilwoman Gonzalez announced she wasn't making a run at mayor, but now I'm relieved. This meeting was a shoddy idea from the outset, which is a testament to her poor discretion. And her inability to stand up to the lunatics in the audience last night shows her lack of a spine.
Raise property taxes! It won't increase rents in the long term!


No more property tax increases! Turns out they've increased rents in the long term!

Re shooting deaths in Seattle, good news:…

Washington has the most regressive tax code in the country. Try taxing people based on what they earn and you won't have to tax so much on what they spend to make ends meet. This is not complicated.
@7: oh, but it is. it's also fucking retarded:…
@1: no one's "lost their mind". the forum speakers aren't "the city".

what I feel is disappointment that the police don't have a better way to deal with this kind of shit. the police in Britain do - they don't carry guns. but when all you have is a hammer....