Libertarian Law Firm Sues Over Seattle's Democracy Vouchers


So basically they only want homeowners to have a voice because only they "pay" property taxes. I can see how that would be more patently and obviously fair.

Yeah, I'm a renter and I'm pretty sure my landlord rolls the cost of property taxes into what I pay each month. So, perhaps I should get to vote and NOT my landlord, since I pay them on his behalf.
@2 Exactly, that's why I put quotation marks around "pay". god bless our overly-litigious unpatriotic shit stain NIMBYs.
"Libertarian" might as well be changed to "Moneytarian". They don't give a fuck about liberty, they just want to engineer a society where the wealthy can do whatever the fuck they want. They've got more in common with de Sade's Libertine mass murders than with real lovers of liberty.
Libertarianism: The belief that you owe nothing to the society which sustains you.