There Won't Be Dashcam Footage to Show What Happened Between Police and Giovonn Joseph-McDade


oh, well. nothing to be done, then. tra la la.
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How much money are we literally talking about? Why not have both dashcams and bodycams?

I've also been in favor of a gun cam - the camera is mounted in the gun and turns on whenever the gun is not holstered.
Does the cops' car have dents and paint from the subject's vehicle -- consistent with the vehicle being used as a weapon?

Because, if so, end of questions.

You want footage , here ya go:
• Recovered from Joseph-McDade’s wallet was 4.9 grams of suspected methamphetamine. This field tested positive and will be confirmed by the Washington State Crime Lab.

• Investigators executed a search warrant on the suspect vehicle and recovered 69.2 grams of marijuana and a suspicious liquid which will be sent to the State Crime Lab for analysis.
@7: meth and a suspicious liquid? he definitely deserved to die, then.

69.2 grams of a legal substance is irrelevant.

he went down a dead-end street and then almost backed over the cop who shot him, let's give young methy man the benefit of the doubt here!

christ this is ridiculous