Here's a Look Inside the Controversial Navigation Center Shelter in Little Saigon


Nordic prisons are cozier... not an exaggeration, google some pictures. We treat our homeless worse than they treat their murderers, and we treat our petty criminals worse than they treat their livestock. Yet even this will be seen as too nice to people who "don't deserve it" in the "Very Progressive Seattle."
@1 I don't disagree, but unfortunately this is the best we can get with all these property-owners groups and ass holes like Lever. I work with homeless and formerly homeless people and you get some questions from the clients about why conditions are so poor in some of the buildings. Often their anger gets directed at us as well. If any of these anti-homeless jerks had to live 1 week in the conditions our poor do, I bet they would think twice before complaining about the price tag.

I am glad to see the metal bed frames though- wooden ones are easy for bed bugs to take over. City doesn't give us enough money to properly address bug problems. I wish they would give us some of that police bunker cash for a few of these:…
We got a nice chunk of money for a street car to barely crawl through downtown Seattle.
@1, so what do the homeless "deserve" - a room with a view at the edgewater? beggars can't be choosers, as they say. seriously, what should someone with no money, no job, probably no desire to work, expect?

regardless of how it looks, it will most certainly add even more "vibrancy" to a neighborhood already struggling with its "colorful" street urchins.