Go Out and Enjoy Nature, but Please Don't Ruin It for the Rest of Us


Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but selfie-stick photos.
You just made me google bluetooth jammer to see if those are a thing (they are!).
There is a way to write about this that doesn't resort to lazy generational critiques.
I'd argue different trails have different social contracts. For example rattlesnake ridge is super busy and often pack with people shouting, dogs barking, kids crying, etc. on a trail like that i have no problem with people playing their music, just one more man made sound.

But on some of the remote trails playing loud music makes you a jerk.

Same for trail runners, trail running on a busy trail such as rattlesnake makes you a jerk, but trail running on a less busy trail is awesome:)

Basically there's a lot of trails, if you go to one of the more busier ones you should expect a wide rang of human activities, but on the less busy ones you should be respectful of those who came to get away from such human activities.

Also why all the drone hate? Is the sound really much worse then the roar of the i-90? People can be real assholes with drones, but they can also use them respectfully and get some amazing stuff
You missed the most important rule:

The solution to all of this frustration is to not go out into nature. I often have to go to North Cascades National Park for work, but I never leave the clearing. And I very much enjoyed The Grand Canyon from the Patio of the cocktail lounge at El Tovar.
I love you, Catalina Vel-DurRay.
I love you, and misspelled your name. Argh. Forgive me, Ms. Vel-DuRay.
Also, please remember there are definitely NO hiking trails over here in the Olympic Mountains, so no need to board a ferry and head this way. The Cascades have more than plenty for ALL of you east-siders.
The last time I was at Mount Rainier, it wasn't millennials with their selfie sticks trampling the wildflowers -- it was busloads of Chinese tourists.
Yeah, the dog thing.
A good fisherman never reveals his spot.
Why couldn't the story be about how the beautiful nature of our state brings us together and how the increased use of parks is vital to keeping these areas wild.

Instead we're given an article about how the author finds some people annoying and ends with a threat to harass them.

Oh and that Donald Trump sucks.
The WTA or somebody needs to mandate basic etiquette. I see new hikers oblivious to the fact they aren't yielding to the person coming up the trail. People who are rude and shoulder checking other hikers, also keep your dog on a short lease, I don't want to marvel at his cuteness, this city is overflowing with dogs, yours aint special.
Goddamn developers, stay off my lawn!
@15 foobarbaz: Gropenfuhrer Dumbfuck Trumpzilla really DOES suck---Putin's dick, in particular. Ironic how Trumpzilla loves Vladimir, laughs right along with the KGB and Chinese economists----but remains so shamelessly clueless that he's the big joke at America's expense.
And the bassackwards Trumpist idiots in Appalachia STILL believe coal is coming back.
@6 my thoughts exactly. Some trails are more for exercise, full of people and not remote. I have no problem with people doing what they please there. Out in the remote wilderness and in our national parks, keep it chill.
lost interest at gorpcore.
How nice of you to say that, Dan dear. No apology is necessary.

and It's MRS. Vel-DuRay.
I don't think anything in this is actually specific to millennials--the perps of these are an all ages cornucopia of rudeness. But...Katie, I didn't think anyone writing anything in the Stranger was allowed to do anything but cream themselves over weed
@6: No, playing loud music in any public place where other people who would prefer not to listen to it are forced to either do so or leave makes you a jerk.
first off, who thinks the beautiful and majestic mt rainier looks like a pile of bird shit? dumb. but your other points are valid. stupid motherfucking dumb asses are flooding parks, whether they are local, state, or federal, and all they want to do is snap a few pics and post them to Instagram. if I spend time at the destination (top of a mountain etc) I see several parties come and go. what do I see/hear? "do you have service? jump up in the air and i'll take your picture! here's your subway sandwich." and then they're gone.

also, fuuuuuucccckkkk what has happened to rattlesnake ledge. that used to be a decent trail, now it's a fucking nightmare.

I've often fantasized about beating people to death with their selfie sticks while playing "another ones bites the dust" on their blutooth speakers, before shoving the speakers up their cold, dead assholes.
@18 -- Thank you for Gropenfuhrer Dumbfuck Trumpzilla
@6, @20, please see @24. If you FaceTime in public or listen to music without headphones in a public place, you are a jerk. Those other noises are from human interaction, which is great. Music from your phone is not. If you need a soundtrack for every second of your life, use headphones!
Also missed: STAY ON THE FUCKING TRAIL!! Can't you read the signs??