New Ballot Initiative Pushes For More Mental Health and De-Escalation Training for Cops


I hope it will include stricter laws preventing ex-cons from having any access to guns and stronger enforcement of parole/probation violations.
@1 Like laws that would have prevent Che Taylor from having a gun and trying to pull it on SPD?
We already have laws that make it a felony for ex-cons to possess a firearm. That was what officers attempted to arrest Taylor for. They buy and sell guns on the street like drugs and other illegal goods.
While we're at it, maybe we should recruit protesters and Capitol Hill residents to become cops.
Stranger Editors: Can you have a legally trained person look a little closer at the language in Part VI, No. 4 which reads: "(4) A law enforcement officer shall not be held criminally liable for using deadly force if such officer meets the good faith standard adopted in this section." Aren't we concerned as usual about accountability?? This sentence is worrisome; doesn't feel like progress.