The rumors were true.
The rumors were true. CF

It's official: Purr, the gay bar nearest to The Stranger's offices, is not going to be situated on 11th Avenue between Pike and Pine much longer. When I asked Barbie Roberts about the rumors a month ago, she said, "I can’t say much right now, but please stay tuned."

That's still the official word—"Stay tuned for additional news as we work on solidifying details of our new home," Purr posted on Facebook—except for that part about a new home. And this news about an upcoming going away party:

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Seattle Gay Scene got Roberts to confirm it was rising rent that's forcing her out: "It’s simply the end of her current lease and she decided not to continue at that location due to the rent hike she would face under a new lease."

There's no word yet about where the new location might be. The Stranger reached out to Roberts to ask, but she said she is bound by a confidentiality agreement from saying anything during negotiations.