Police Reports Illustrated: Man Walks in the Park at Night


Two nights in a row, same guy, same chick... Maybe he's being, I don't know... Targeted?
I wonder if the man has considered that the assailant likes him. You know, like likes him. This seems like a more grown up version of the same type of behavior that I experienced in first and second grade, where a girl (I would later realize) had a crush on me, but was too immature to know how to express it, she she kneed me in the crotch on multiple occasions.
Still a poor way for one to spread cheer on Canada Day, eh?
Is Callan absolutely certain the cop was a leftie?

We're talking credibility & verisimilitude here!
Sadly, Capitol Hill has its disproportional share of whackjobs and druggies.

Just this morning, I was walking up Howell to Broadway and politely said "Excuse me" to a woman before passing her on her right. And she starts angrily exclaiming things at me like, "What the f**k!" and "Holy sh*t".

I wanted to ask, "So... are you on drugs, or just mental?" but I kept my mouth shut.

In my life, I've never seen this much concentrated sketchiness in an urban area as I have in my years in Capitol Hill. I am so glad to move to NYC this week, which is comparatively an oasis of well-adjusted and non-drug addicted humanity.