Governor Jay Inslee: Will he veto a tax cut that Republicans quietly slipped into the state budget at the last minute?
Governor Jay Inslee: Learning, like the rest of us, that secretive budget negotiations in Olympia produced some ugly results. Karen Ducey / Getty Images

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Well, well. Looks like a tax hike for Seattle's middle class and a tax cut for rural Republicans aren't the only upsetting things that Democratic lawmakers allowed into the state budget deal.

With little notice, a major tax cut for manufacturing businesses in Washington state was inserted into the state budget deal in the waning hours of all-night negotiations last week.

So, tax increase on Seattle's middle class: check. Tax cut for the Republican base way outside of Seattle: check. Tax cut for business: check.

Now some of the same Democratic lawmakers who voted for the bill that includes the manufacturing business tax cut are calling on Democratic Governor Jay Inslee to veto that part of the bill, citing the "lack of transparency" in a secretive budget process that Democrats themselves agreed to. The letter from 23 Democratic legislators states the obvious:

The politics and policy of giving the business community a massive tax cut, while hiking property taxes on middle-class families to fully fund public schools, is unacceptable and dangerous.

The Seattle Times has the easy comeback from Republicans—a comeback that Democrats totally set themselves up for in 2013 when they voted to give Boeing the largest state-granted tax break in American history:

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“What is good for Boeing should be good for the little guy as well,” said state Sen. Michael Baumgartner, R-Spokane.

Inslee plans to announce his decision on a potential veto this afternoon.

UPDATE: Inslee vetoed the tax cut for manufacturing businesses as he signed the rest of the school funding bill into law.