Sacred Is a Great Movie for Jaded Atheist Urbanites


"But they’ll also be reminded that religion is about way more than their infuriatingly pious aunty Karen—and that religion, with all its baggage, is absolutely beautiful."

How can something based on a lie be beautiful? More like deceitful, misogynistic, hateful racist drivel. There is nothing noble about devoting one life to a lie.
@1: I always find the whole "religion is beautiful, but its followers are at times ugly" sophistry to be so bizarre and phony.

A religion IS its people. Religion does not exist in some platonic, ideal form. Humans made it, they practice it, and they determine how beautiful or ugly it is with their actions.

People who shoot up Planned Parenthood clinics and call themselves faithful Christians are just as much Christians as people who volunteer at soup kitchens. Since belief is subjective, no one person shares the same god with another, and so one person's delusions are no more valid than another person's delusions.

Some delusions just abide by basic moral codes better than others.
Anything looks pretty if you only look at the pretty parts. Edit together a documentary about people of all religions killing innocents and that wouldn't look so pretty.
I have no doubt that you consider all atheists to be jaded, but this reflects your narrow understanding of atheists (NOT atheism). Your comments here imply that seeing this movie is all it would take to change the considerable thinking and perspective that atheists hold. You couldn't more naive or ignorant about it. All religion is based in supernatural belief without evidence. To intellectuals and atheists, this is illogical because we refuse to accept dogma based on imaginary thinking.

It is not, as you seem to think, that atheists haven't seen enough examples of warm and fuzzy things that highlight the positive aspects of religion. It is, rather, that atheists have not seen any evidence to support the claims made by religion. Atheists reject the claims made by religion based on reason, logic, and scientific evidence. Your suggestion that some cinematic presentation is all it would take to change that rejection reflects high levels of gullibility and a lack critical thinking and logical consideration.
@1 The point of the movie was the beauty of quiet introspection, the power and comfort of ritual, and how religions can also foster positive behavior. Based on your bitter screed, it sounds you could do with some of that. There are plenty of religions out there, pick one and go for it.