Chinese Scientists Teleport Object to Space


We’re used to the ways technology has improved our lives. From the tap of a button you can watch a movie, call a cab or teleport a photon. Why not on-demand health care, too?
@1: I didn't expect to read such a jarring segue.
Aha! Fear not my good man! I invite you to try 98point6, the Next Generation Of Primary Care!…
No they didn't.

A photon isn't an object (being massless). What was 'teleported' was the information about the quantum state of the photons, which were then replicated in the satellite.

It's interesting stuff, but this isn't star trek teleportation at all.
"The language of the report is a little misleading"

Just like Charles' headline
sorry, have to: Beam Me Up Scotty!
@4: Essentially I suppose an object by reference instead of an an object by value.
It is hardly surprising that an anti-science activist does not seem to be able to understand a scientific experiment well enough to explain it accurately.
Except, as Greene goes on to say, we don't live in a Classical physics universe. We live in a Quantum physics one.
@4 aha, but as we learned in the infamous "Second Chances" episode, that *is* more or less how Star Trek teleportation works. You are converted into bits of data, that data is beamed, and then you are reconstructed somewhere else. It's the Ship of Theseus paradox.
@7: I know most readers are scratching their heads in puzzlement, but as a retired Software Developer, I tip my hat to you. F***ing brilliant!
I work as a psychic and medium: three random physicist clients told me that I do what I do somehow by Quantum Particle Physics.

Don't ask me to explain how, or how this ties to that -- I was a lit major.

But I'd love further explanation from anyone more schooled than this scientific illiterate.