Women, We Need You to Run For Office!


"I'm still thrilled that we have two women of color [Manka Dhingra, a Democrat, and Jinyoung Lee Englund, a Republican] to choose from to represent that district [LD 45 senate] and I think that no matter who wins... they are going to be an asset to our state government because of the diversity of perspective that they bring,” she [training attendee Carolanne Sanders] said.

Um, No.

Jinyoung Lee Englund happens to be a woman of color. She also happens to be a former staffer to Cathy McMorris Rogers, a Washington D.C. lobbyist for BitCoin, a staffer at the Heritage Foundation, and a partisan operative for the Republican Party who personally worked to advance candidates like Dino Rossi, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump.

If Jinyoung Lee Englund were a white man with the exact same resume, we'd be yelling 'hell, no' to her potential as "an asset to our state government."

Progressives needs to stop their knee-jerk impulse to support women candidates and candidate-of-color just becase they aren't white men.
@1 as with that school board thing a few months back,
The Stranger is happy to uncritically advocate for a candidate based solely on the content of their pants, until... you know, people start looking at the candidate as a candidate and representative, and then... get real fragile and pretend like it never happened. I mean, what are the odds that that little mistake will get repeated without learning the lesson either time?
> Ana Sofia writes amazing article encouraging women to run

> Ana Sofia votes to endorse (and presumably vote for) the one white male to run for City Council
Ana Sofia votes to endorse (and presumably vote for) the one white male to run for City Council

Which shows just how simplistic and full of shit @1 and @2 both are.
Of the women who submitted their candidacy [in King County], less than half of them were women of color.

Is that surprising or a negative considering that two-thirds of King County residents are non-Hispanic whites?


We need more women to run for office, and nationally representation is poor, but 15(?) out of 88 candidates in King County being women of color seems exactly demographically representative of the overall population for King County (17 percent).
I'd like the most qualified individuals to run for public office, those who put public duty and responsibility over gender or racial politics.

Playing this card is what got us Trump
@3 is there any excuse for the Erin Miller endorsement? I can't come up with any reason other than "she's neither male nor white". When her policies were revealed... uh they were basically 180 from The Stranger. There's no way to convince me that endorsement was made with any investigation of either candidates policy positions.