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On my way into work this morning, I was listening to KEXP and the DJ at the helm played this live recording of a marching band performing Daft Punk. My knee-jerk thought was, Oh great, now I've officially heard "Get Lucky" 1,000 times. I went ahead and let it be, however, because KEXP is usually pretty solid and I figured I'd be down with whatever came next. But then they segued gracefully into "One More Time" (the breakdown was delightful), and then "Harder Better Faster Stronger," and I fell in love. I finally looked it up this afternoon and found out it was taken from a video of the French army marching band playing at the end of the Bastille Day parade.

One of my least favorite people of all time, (Prez) Donald Trump, was in attendance, watching the glorious spectacle with French president Emmanuel Macron (have you heard Trump's disgusting misogynistic comments to Macron's wife?), and I'm pretty sure he just didn't get it, based on the dim-witted glower on his big dumb orange face. But Macron seemed in good spirits, smiling as the music played while other dignitaries clapped and danced along. Check out the video below.