Seattle Is the Seventh-Densest City In the World—For Trees


Wow, Charles, getting philosophical and poetic. A nice Northwest summer can do that to a person.
@1: And really good weed, I'm guessing. How else can one explain that last paragraph?
You are measuring density as trees per person?
Trees have a sense of self?

Has Seattle moved to Pandora?
and if you want to help plant some more........http://seattle.cedar.greencitypartnershi… we're prepping for the fall planting next saturday in south seattle.
Up zoning EXISTING single family home zones is the best way to protect the trees.
Sprawl, not density, kills trees.
@6: Not really. It's called yards and backyards.
It all depends.
@6 yes really. Bothell/Brier/Kenmore/the whole area just north of the lake have been selling to developers who raze and chip acres of forest at a time for new cookie-cutter 3/4 million dollar homes for the most boring fucks on the planet
Charles dear, if you would like to satisfy that curiosity about trees, feel free to stop by. I have two small fruit trees that I would like to have relocated to the planting strip. I have all the tools to do so, you'd needn't worry about brining anything, and I'll even give you lunch.
@10: Mudede would have to be a fool to decline such an offer.
Is that where you live?
Your premise is inaccurate. Treepedia does not say Seattle is the 7th most dense. Treepedia only analyzes a small number of cities. Seattle is 7th among those cities, not at all 7th in the world. For example, Atlanta, which is not listed on the Treepedia page, is substantially more tree-covered, with 36%. Seattle is actually embarrassingly low -- the US average is 27% and Seattle is below that.