Mayoral Candidates, Council Member Lorena González Call on Ed Murray to Resign


"Former state Jessyn Farrell, a former state senator, said Murray should resign."


Jessyn Farrell is neither a "former state" nor "a former state senator."

Perhaps consider editing to: "Former state legislator Jessyn Farrell said Murray, a former state senator, should resign."
@1 You're right. My mistake. Fixed.
@All the people demanding Durkan speak out about l'affaire Murray: OK, done. Now what's next on the Jenny is Satan talking points? I can hardly wait to see!
I think if we're being totally honest, all of the candidates think its best for Murray to resign. But I think the candidates who have publicly called for Murray to resign are simply doing so to try and gain points now that its politically expedient. Where were the calls to resign from the candidates when the accusations first came to light? There's nothing brave about calling for someone to resign when there is a clear smoking gun. I mean, Jessyn defended Murray back in June when she was still trying to get his endorsement! As Erica Barnett notes in The C is for Crank this morning, "Farrell’s dramatic reversal (dramatic in part because there was no reason she had to weigh in at all) makes more sense in light of events that transpired after she defended Murray the first time. Back then, Farrell was still seeking the mayor’s endorsement, and believed she had a real shot at getting it. Since then, Murray has endorsed Jenny Durkan...and it’s hardly a stretch to see Farrell’s denunciation as payback."

This is just politics as usual and not the type of "leadership" we need from the next Mayor of Seattle.
Sometimes the best comment is no comment at all. Res ipsa loquitur.
@4: That's like saying "I forgot to take the garbage when it started to stink", so since I forgot I should just let it ferment and endure it.
considering how quick Murray was to judge and scold others who didn't agree with him on 'moral' issues, it's quite ironic to to see the hounds of judgement and morality tear him down. we will always have the rainbow crosswalks to remember him. What will be his last act?
I'm disappointed in Juarez, my councilmember. Was she wronged, that she's talking about forgiveness? And how does Murray rate forgiveness until he's willing to confirm what he did?

And Jesus, Sally Bagshaw, you're the grandstander. Yes facts do matter, facts don't die, even after thirty years.