Week of Action Targets "Crisis Pregnancy Centers"


The latest trend among conservative state legislators is to require women who just swallowed the abortion pill to be "counseled" that their abortions can be "reversed." (Side note: about 1/3rd of abortions are via the abortion pill (i.e., RU486, i.e., "Mifeprex"). There is no scientific basis for believing that a blast of progesterone will reverse the abortion once it's started, and yet AZ, AR, SD, and UT have all passed laws requiring that clinicians advertise it as a real option. Lots of other states have similar bills in the works.
A friend of mine in Florida used to go to Planned Parenthoods where crisis preg centers were located across the streets and get met with protesters begging her to not get an abortion. She'd pause and pretend to consider it and then tell the protesters she was too poor to raise a kid but she'd agree to not have an abortion if they'd give her money. She said it worked a few times and she got a couple hundred dollars out of it. I don't know if she still does it (this was several years ago).

She was never actually pregnant, she just thought it would be a good way to scam some $
I've wondered how these places can give out medical advice (scientifically sound or not) without an appropriate license. Has nobody brought this to court?
irb: they usually have fine print in there somewhere specifying that this is just counseling, not medical care.
@Urgutha Forka #2 - Heh, that's brilliant!