Game of Thrones Recap: Hitting the Home Stretch in “Dragonstone”


there's 13 episodes left, and they spent how many minutes last night on a shit sequence???
I am a big fan of HBO just cutting off all of Martin's red herring plotlines. Get to the fucking point already.
@1: I believe that was to convey just how long Sam has already been in the Citadel, and how little progress he's made toward his goal of finding info to fight the White Walkers. Hence his need to (temporarily?) pilfer some books from the restricted section of the library. I expect this will lay the groundwork for his expulsion, which will heighten the tension about whether humanity will find the resources they need to win.

Besides, it provided a moment of levity, in a season that's probably not going to have a whole lot more.
Also, no mention of little Lady Lyanna Mormont, retaining her title as the most badass woman in the North?! (Sorry, Brienne, you're a close second.)
@4: The subtle smirk on Brienne's face when she was watching Lyanna be badass was excellent.
Also, I can't wait to see Cersei foolishly send her summer troops to die floundering in the northern winter.
The zombies will get there. They're called White Walkers, not White Sprinters. And a dead horse ain't exactly Seabiscuit.
Just when you thought Theon couldn't suffer any greater indignity: not even a glimpse of him (or Yara) in the final season opener. Or did I miss something? Was anyone else of note conspicuously absent?