Mayor Ed Murray: "I Am Not Going to Resign"


Good for him.
People urging him to resign are irrelevant, just trying to prove something… The guy's going to be gone anyway...why waste the effort & turmoil? and especially since there's been no adjudication of the alleged crimes.
@1: Simple morality of our city govenment to make it abundantly clear that society takes child abuse seriously. I'm appalled that you would make such question.

Citing bureaucracy and red tape as a way to wiggle out of this is insulting to Seattleites.
It's astounding how someone who could have abused many many children over the years; we are sitting here trying to find ways to dismiss them.

As someone who was abused and molested I feel people trying to downplay this are downplaying my molestation.

This is something most people will feel.

Thank you for harming those already harmed more; what a wonderful Mayor we have. My only hope is that justice is served; but I don't expect it to at this point.
Mayor Ed Murray: "I Am Not Going to Resign"

Yes he is. By Saturday, he will be gone.
"I would step aside and allow someone else to take leadership of City government at the end of my term."

Step aside? Allow someone else? Look, buddy, were you really assuming that you would automatically be voted in again? Or maybe you wouldn't even need a vote? What f*cking arrogance! You should be run out of town on that alone.
Omfg. Get Wormtail out. Jeezuz.
Ed dear, do whatever you want. But be assured that the loss of a maiyor will not "bring city business to a grinding halt". The lights will stay on, the water will still be pure, the toilets will flush, the fires will be fought, the lights will still turn green, the contracts will still be let, the bills will still be paid, the picnic shelters will still be reservable, and the parking tickets will still be written.

We need a mayor, but we can do without one for a few days if necessary.
Wow. If you can throw your own step son under the bus; why not an entire city.....
If a Seattle police officer were in Murray's shoes he would be gone..., like last week. Murray is all about accountability until the spotlight is on him. And Councilman Harrell, insinuating that we shouldn't worry about things Murray did 30 years ago and that we all have skeletons in our closets. Well Mr. Councilman, 30 years ago I wasn't molesting children. Maybe someone should be looking into the Councilman's background.
OK we got it: you're not guilty of sexual child abuse… You're making that clear by your proud and defiant fist raising against the patriarchy… Now get a grip: you don't have any facts.

Jesus what a bunch of nasty people in Seattle and on Skog -- including you which is disappointing
@8 - You can reserve a picnic shelter but, as happened to us at Woodland Park a month ago, if there's a homeless tent in it, you're SOL. The city won't make them move.
@11: I'm sorry I was harsh. But aren't you hanging your hat on that ever so convenient word too much? The word is 'alleged'.

Do you give the same deference to Trump, Ailes, O'Reilly, and Cosby in regard to 'alleged'' as you are now bestowing for Ed Murray?
@13 Trump admitted it.
@4: you sure credit murray with some extraordinary powers. and the word you're looking for is "dystopia".

you might want to get out of your suburban hidey hole and see America sometime. Seattle is by no means the only city in the middle of an opiate and homeless crisis. it's national, and president asshole doesn't even mention it.
The mayor should step down... perhaps we could repair some of the damage/privatization he has done to our parks by putting his husband in charge in the parks dept. Nepotism shouldn't be allowed. The mayor is a bad apple.
I'm not tracking your questions but it's really not very important… Yes the word "alleged" is very important.
I have no opinion about aisles, Oreilly and Cosby...why would I have an opinion about nothing I know about and cannot do anything about?

Trump is a bad president for a whole Lotta reasons and he's proven to be a liar… Not an alleged liar.
It is incredible the degree to which everyone has held back with regards to calling for Murray's ouster. If this were a heterosexual mayor, he would have been forced to resign weeks ago. If this had happened to Schell, Nickels, or McGinn, the sharp knives would have emerged instantly. Everyone is so paralyzed with political correctness that they don't actually understand how to proceed when something like this happens. Only in Seattle.
@19 - Polygraph tests are wildly unreliable, because you can game the test to produce certain results and they also produce false positives. They're generally not considered admissible in legal proceedings, just an FYI but I take your point otherwise.

I think the Mayor in general suffers from a fatal case of hubris and self-delusion. Not just about this situation (which is bad enough) but in terms of his self-perception about his time in office.

@Generally -

Those people who place themselves in the position (wittingly or not) in the positive of an apologist for minor/child sex abuse by insisting on needing a golden unicorn of incontrovertible proof that something happened in effect aid the continuance of this abuse. You make it easier for abusers (regardless of sexual orientation) to operate, groom, and abuse children and minors by providing cover through quibbling and hand wringing.

Sexual abuse of minors/children is monstrous and life destroying. There are certainly and unfortunately plenty of people out there that weaponize queerness and the threat of child abuse and people who take advantage of this issue to attack gay and lesbian individuals are also monsters but playing overly into the hands of these individuals through paralysis and dithering allows this sort of abuse to continue. It's worth noting that sexual abuse of minors/children is not about sexual orientation - its about criminality.
@20 - Polygraphs aren't just "unreliable", they are junk science at it's worst. I don't really need to prattle on about it here, the subject is well covered on the Intertubes:
It is incredible the degree to which everyone has held back with regards to calling for Murray's ouster.

Yeah, we citizens of Seattle are always asking for "facts," and "evidence," and going on and on and on about "presumption of innocence," and other such garbage. Don't we understand our political chattering class is trying to run a lynch mob here?!? They are our leaders -- just ask them! We have to follow! FOLLOW!!

Is the Mayor hiding behind the statute of limitations ....and other legal niceties?

I wasn't aware basic standards of proof were now "niceties," but I do understand you're running (alongside) a smear campaign, not attempting to engage in an examination of what might actually have happened.

... by insisting on needing a golden unicorn of incontrovertible proof that something happened in effect aid the continuance of this abuse.

Actually, the standard for a criminal case -- which won't happen, thanks to one of those "legal niceties" which mistr(i)al was whining about -- is "beyond a reasonable doubt." The legal standard for the civil case -- you know, the one which was dropped one day before the lawyers could have gotten themselves into some very, very big trouble by knowingly filing any documents which contained false statements? -- is even lower. Neither will ever be satisfied. (Remember when the plaintiff said he would re-file next year? He was lying to you.)

Demanding due process for the accused is not the same thing as enabling pedophelia, and anyone who makes such an equivalence has lost the minimum moral standing needed to be taken seriously in civic debate.