How Will the US Deal with the Black Muslim Police Officer Who Allegedly Shot and Killed an Unarmed White Woman?


Why does Charles want a race war?
Everyone overseas who is shocked and outraged that this happened need to know that the function of the state security forces in the US is to terrorize and subdue our communities for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful. They have little to do with traditional policing as people living in sane countries understand it, and they're free to murder almost anyone with impunity.

If you call the cops, they will escalate the situation and there's a good chance someone will end up dead.
i get why this is a moral hazard for racists because they have no choice but to take the side of the white person and in this case that means not siding with the cops, but BLM should not be conflicted at all - you support accountability for the victim while also defending the officer against racism and xenophobia. Like, I can think the cop should be charged and tried while also thinking that he is an American whose skin color / religion / citizenship is of no consequence to his behavior, while also-ALSO being mortified by the prospect of him being convicted when white officers guilty of similar behavior were not. *If* that happens then it opens up another important conversation about race and justice, but for now this is entirely about police behavior and how they are trained to manage their fear. It's not just black people who have to worry about it.
I like how you cherry-picked no less than THREE random ass Twitter posts as proof of the imminent race war that your fevered imagination so desires.
How does Chuckles even manage to get out of bed each morning?
BLM should *NOT* support the officer. Although it's heavily racial in application, the actual problem is the culture of force in the PDs. It should not be surprising that white people are killed by the police (although record keeping is spotty, they're between 50-60% of police shootings and killings each year), but we rarely hear about these cases. We're only hearing about this white death because it's an attractive white female one.

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Is there even an explanation for why the shots were fired to begin with? Like, did the officers think this lady was doing something dangerous, like, I dunno menacing them with a knife while telling them to "get ready, motherfuckers"?
"It's already clear that the US is going to deal with the shooting of Justine Ruszczyk in a very different way than it dealt with, say, the shooting of Micheal Brown. ... And mainstream news almost never fails to explicitly or implicitly side with the white officers in these deadly and racially-charged shootings."

That's odd. Mainstream media - and the US in general - clearly rushed to judgment in the Michael Brown case, assigning Officer Wilson the role of racially-motivated aggressor, and vouching on-air to the authenticity of numerous "witnesses" to the supposed hands-up-don't-shoot narrative -- a narrative that turned out to be a wholesale fabrication.

See the DOJ report. Read it end to end. There were numerous authentic witnesses to the incident, all of whom refute the popular instant myth, as does abundant physical evidence.

The popular narrative took most of American - myself included - along for the ride, but it turned out tho be fake, fake, fake. It got a lot of people hurt, it probably got a number of people killed, and it terrorized (and as a myth that will not die, will continue to terrorize) generations of young people.
Absent more facts, I think Charles is off base here. I suspect there won't be a claim of "I feared for the life of me and my partner" like we see in the more "traditional" cop shooting - it is more likely that he simply screwed up while holstering his weapon or something like that. The real stupid thing here is the very long delay in getting more details out to the public - speculation is driving the media (and Charles) now.
This article really shows your ignorance Charles. First off, there's nothing "alleged" about this, the officer has already come out through his attorney and admitted to having fired the weapon. Secondly, this officer is already being investigated for 2 other serious use of force/misconduct cases. Next you have the fact that both officers were in clear violation of department policy by not having their cams on. Add onto all of this the fact that she is the one who called police to report a possible sexual assualt and you've got a real cluster. Not everything needs to be about race. Maybe let us adults who actually live in the Twin Cities figure this one out?
Um, details? What circumstances were at play when the cop shot the civilian? Does that count for nothing?
@8 the delay is due to the fact they are doing an independent investigation outside of the police department and city government. The city will learn the specifics and outcome at the same time as thr general public.
He refuses o he questioned and he shot from his car, very unusual. He has 3 complaints about him from citizens.

I find the criticism odd. So many unarmed black men killed by officers who were later exonerated in court. Do any of us really believe that this man *might* be the first of the decade to be convicted? Does anyone question why that might be?
We'll wait for the evidence
And the judgement of an enquiy
And the discernment of a prosecutor
And the judiciousness of a judge
And the deliberation of a jury
Under the watch of an independent press

Like a civilized society.

Not always perfect, but miles better than you constantly portray.
Tonight one of the cable news stations had a chyron that read "Officer who shot Damond Identified as Mohamed Noor. Precinct's 1st Solami-American officer" while they discussed the incident.

I'm sure you can guess which station it was.
#1 - He doesn't "want a race war," he's pointing out a massive case of double-standards, you MASSIVE, DISINGENOUS, INFECTED, RUNNY SHIT
18: The race war thing is a classic white racist projection. White people still mad about desegregation fantasize about a race war and project it on blacks.
cops kill, their unions protect them, it's what our justice revolves around and this latest demonstration of authority changes nothing. acquittal or sentence, it's the same system.
It should be noted that this officer has been on the force since 2015, and already has two complaints for brutality against women on top of this incident.

On another note, how is this problematic for BLM? They will ignore this death just like they ignore any death that is not a white officer shooting a black person, as is their right. It has never been problematic before, it is not like this is the first white person killed by a non-white cop.

@13: The first of the decade to be convicted? Several white cops have been tried and convicted for shooting unarmed black people this decade. Several in the last one or two years in fact. Try Google.
@22 Yep Google just points out that convictions are incredibly rare. Totally blows my point :)
Well, we don't riot in the streets and destroy our own neighborhoods--that's for sure. We wait for the details to come out and allow the justice system to do it's work. Pretty simple.
Who exactly is this "we" you're talking about?
I'm fairly sure you mean white people, but the white people I know riot over things as trivial as sporting events.
You also seem to be implying that black people destroy their own neighborhoods when they riot, which isn't true at all. While some businesses or buildings in riot zones may be african-american-owned, the vast majority of the property that is destroyed are owned by absentee white landlords, or are white owned businesses.
You keep spinning those false narratives though. There is undoubtedly some idiot out there who's going to believe you.
What about the mentally disabled black child who was raped with a coat hanger by white members of the school's football team?
How quickly did that story get forgotten by the media?
Two cops in a car responding to a homeowner's 911 call, still sitting on their asses in the car, manage to kill at close range the homeowner who called for help. Tell me where "skin color" comes into this outrage.
I don't think BLM ever claimed that police brutality wasn't happening against other communities and at the hands of cops from different backgrounds. It's just that it's so much more frequent against blacks. Our police are far too quick to resort to violence in too many cases, and blacks get the worst of it. To say "oh look they do it too" helps nothing.