Seattle Subway Picks Cary Moon for Mayor, Seattle Times Snubs Lorena González


There will be more Jessyn fans next week in Seattle -… - 12:30 PM til 1:25 PM, outside Sound Transit HQ between the light rail station & the buses! Pep rally to SUPPORT Sound Transit.
Heidi got this (bullshit) assignment because she advocated for Nikkita.
It takes a certain obliviousness to go after Jessyn Farrell for not being sufficiently supportive of Sound Transit. There is no state legislator who did more to get the enabling legislation for ST3 passed than Jessyn Farrell.

And as Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon writes in Seattle Transit Blog: HB 2201 passed the House twice in a bipartisan 64-33 vote, including a “yes” vote from every legislator who represents the Sound Transit district. So I guess Seattle Subway thinks they know better than every single state rep. in the Sound Transit district? The gist of that legislation was to head off attempts to cut far deeper into the MVET, and this latest Eyman inititaive should serve as a reminder that Sound Transit still faces a challenging statewide political climate.

Of course, this is the advantage that Cary Moon has running with zero elected experience. She doesn't have to defend any tough votes or difficult decisions or compromises she's made with people on the other side. She can stake out the maximalist, purist position, knowing that there's no price to be paid for doing so. But hey, this is why a lot of us who are transit supporters scratch our heads when she uses her other maximalist, purist campaign, the "surface plus transit" alternative to the viaduct replacement, as some sort of political feather in her cap. No, there's no feather because nothing was actually accomplished. The tunnel is being built.

And hey, if Cary makes it through to the general, cue the tunnel metaphors for the mayorship of Jenny Durkan. (Well, that boring machine was named after our last female mayor, so I guess it's only fitting.)
There's another irony here. I don't recall that Cary Moon was even involved in the campaign in support of ST3 last November. Maybe someone else who was involved in the Mass Transit Now campaign can fill me in.
You like Moon? You really already forgot how ineffective activist-turned-Mayor McGinn was? WTF Seattle.
I have to take full responsibility for the poorly constructed sentence in the STB editorial that many people have sensibly interpreted as a swipe at activists and activism in general. Erica Barnett put it much better: "Mayor is not an entry-level position".

If they were both running for Council, I am not sure if I would prefer Farrell or Moon. But when it comes to steering the executive in the right direction and persuading/intimidating the City Council to act responsibly, Farrell has the successful track record here.
I agree with both cressona and Martin on this. If you have read my comments in the past, you know this is not that common. But they are both absolutely right in this instance. Moon would make an outstanding city council member, but she is simply not as qualified as Farrell to be mayor. Not just on transportation issues, but on the nitty-gritty of being mayor. Setting budgets, working out compromise legislation, overseeing huge agencies -- she is up to the task, while Moon is a mystery in that regard. She might be great, but with Farrell in the race, there is no reason to take the chance that she won't.
Thank you, cressona, for pointing out what should be obvious, but apparently isn't at least to The Stranger. Moon has be uninvolved and uninterested in any local initiatives outside of her failed attempt to stop the tunnel
Makes sense
To clarify my clarification* -- I would not go so far as to say that Cary Moon is "unqualified" to be Mayor. I think she would be fine one, and if she advanced to the general I fully expect to support her. But the expected amount of good policy implementation, in my judgment, is higher with Jessyn Farrell.

* It's a good thing I write for a hobby, rather than a living.
@8 I have no idea what Cary Moon has been up to, and neither do you. It is premature to suggest that her recent pursuits haven't been worthwhile.
Seattle Subway made a mistake.