Im at the combination art-install and Nacho Bell.
🎶 I'm at the combination art-install and Nacho Bell. 🎶 Mary Anne Carter

Nacho Bell Opens at the Factory Tomorrow: The idea came to Mary Anne Carter in a dream, and now she's making it into a reality at the Factory. At this semi-functional installation of a 1990s-era fast food restaurant she's calling Nacho Bell, the artist will serve nachos made of crushed up Taco Bell tacos at the bar. Visitors can add traditional and non-traditional toppings such as nacho cheese, Cheetos, Doritos, Jalapeños, and other things that end in "os." Poster-sized "fire sauce" packets, graphic art, and postmodern masterpieces will line the walls. There'll even be a booth for you to sit in, where you can escape the Block Party crowd and ponder why fake, purple ivy was ever a decorative feature at a taco restaurant.

An uplifting lyric from a bad 90s song is scrawled inside the white boxes on these Fire Sauce packets. Youll find the rest of the lyrics in the ingredients.
An uplifting lyric from a bad '90s song is scrawled inside the white boxes on these "Fire Sauce" packets. You'll find the rest of the lyrics in the ingredients. Mary Anne Carter

STIFF Opens Today, and the Movie About Amanda Knox Looks Great: The Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival (STIFF), which opens today, will premiere Sienna Reid's "Sticks and Stones Trilogy" on Saturday, July 22. The film, which is 44 minutes long, is about the Amanda Knox case—or, more closely, the spectacle of Amanda Knox. While she was on trail in Italy for the murder of Meredith Kercher (a British student who was stabbed to death in 2007), the press repeatedly described Knox as promiscuous, an abuser of booze and drugs, and a woman gone wild. All of this had nothing to do with the murder, but with how society codes female sexuality. Reid's film is a journey to the heart of systemic misogyny.

Imorus classical chops are undeniable. Now shell play a tragic king.
Imoru's classical chops are undeniable. I can't wait to see her play the tragic king. Rebel Kat Productions

Nike Imoru to Play Coriolanus in Coriolanus: Fight Like A Bitch This the Fall: In her recent solo show, Ode, audiences got a taste of the Imoru's command of Shakespearean roles traditionally reserved for men. She bellowed out King Lear's lines with gusto and Macbeth's lines with gravitas. I was blown away. In my review, I asked the theater gods to give this woman a lead role in a Shakespeare play. My wishes have been granted. Thank you, Rebel Kat Productions.

DJ Shadow Accused of Sampling a Country Funk Song Without Paying: One reader of the Stranger’s recent interview with DJ Shadow had a strong reaction to it and wrote a letter to the editor to notify us of his discontent. Cult country-funk musician Dennis Caldirola (aka Dennis the Fox) accused Shadow of not licensing a sample of his song “Piledriver,” nor paying royalties (which would be handled by the label), nor even receiving any acknowledgment for its appearance Shadow’s 2006 mix, Funky Skunk. However, after the Seattle-based musician discussed the matter at length with his manager, they concluded that “there is little to be gained by getting into a public feud with DJ Shadow,” and so let the matter rest. Given that Funky Skunk was released in association with hugely popular artist Shepard Fairey, it would seem that those sampled on it could reap some financial reward—even 11 years after the fact. On a brighter note, Dennis the Fox’s 1975 album, Mother Trucker, is being reissued by Modern Harmonic Records.

DJ Drops Label for Making a Transphobic Remark: Icelandic techno DJ and producer Bjarki has ended his relationship with label bbbbbb Records and cancelled his upcoming tour after the label’s co-founder, Johnny Chrome Silver, made a transphobic remark using the label’s Instagram account. Bjarki was scheduled to play with Black Merlin and Seattle electronic DJ/Producer Aos at Kremwerk on July 27. Kudos to the folks over at Kremwerk, Decibel Festival, and Research for their quick response—they started looking into the issue as soon as Bjarki’s statement was posted—and for standing up to hate speech.

SoundCloud Is In Trouble: Your go-to for discovering new trapsoul jams, SoundCloud, has laid off half their staff and are closing offices in London and San Francisco. Like most music-streaming companies, SoundCloud hasn’t really been able to figure out this whole monetization thing. Enter Chance the Rapper, who's been in talks in with the company and may be able to save them from going under.