Purr's New Location Is...


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Duck capitalism.
Chase, you ignorant slut. Montlake is absolutely brimming with gay individuals and families who, as life takes its course, have made a bit of money and decided to move to a quieter place where they can walk their dogs in a forest, let their kids play outside unsupervised, and steer clear of the hipster vs. bro vs. Socialist Alternative war zone that is modern Capitol Hill. Most of us have been "reacting to" drag queens and other ephemera of gay life far edgier and more potent than you can even imagine since before you were in Pampers. So you can either stuff it, or come on down to the new Purr, where we will drink you under the table.
By the way, your photo accompanying the post is of the Portage Bay/Roanoke neighborhood, not Montlake.
Montlake IS adjacent to Capitol Hill! I'm a Montlake res and here's my reaction; YEY!!
And you know everyone in Montlake? Lots of judgement and preconception, seems kinda close minded.
And right, wrong photo.
@2 I'm a big fan of your attitude. Keep it up! We need more old people like you! xoxo Your Ignorant Slut
Thanks, I was enjoying Katya until someone cold cocked someone next to me and lesbian couples got pointed at and told "you're not welcome here" by some horrid shithead.

To note most people there were absolutely awesome in the face of such sweaty proximity, but here were a few terrible guests.

I'm sure they were the sort that also scrawled "Gays 4 Trump" in the bathroom.

Uhhh back to the story. YAY PURR. Yay for the first move away from the core, I'm also seeing some fun stuff in Georgetown.
@6: I hope that person cold cocked was alright. Mercy!
@7: Sadly, two different asshats.

Far as I could tell the victim was a poor individual in the wrong place when someone was overserved and didn't enjoy being pressed up against people (well, neither did we!)
montlake is lovely, but it's going to be to make a go of it - just doesn't have the density, the energy. never will.
@1: you clearly neither are aware nor care to become aware of the significance of gay bars to queer culture and queers' lives. This is *the* Seattle gay *news* item of the moment.
This was a terrible choice on Barbie's part. She felt pressured to find a place in time to make the dramatic announcement (other places had fallen through), and clearly made a rushed decision. There is no walkshed to speak of at that location (it is in a sea of single family homes without decent transit...it is a long, 16 minute hike from the light rail station). There are more people living within 4 blocks of the current location than live within a 25 minute walk of the new one. It might still make it as a neighborhood bar with 1 bartender, low rent, and a handful of patrons each night; but it will be an Outwest or Changes...not part of the Seattle nightlife. And maybe that's fine.
@11- a 16 minute walk (very precise, that) is long?
Capitol Hill is over.
@11 - Maybe that's fine indeed, as it would be cool to go to a non-Capitol Hill bar for a different ambiance.
I give it 18 months.
True -- I don't care -- but too much "Best $150/person dinner" on Slog....phony consumerism
Chase- I know of a houseful of queers in Montlake that will be thrilled to hear of the news. Personally, I welcome any bit of queer nightlife that can be found away from Capitol Hill.
@11: "This was a terrible choice on Barbie's part. She felt pressured to find a place in time to make the dramatic announcement (other places had fallen through), and clearly made a rushed decision"

Really though, where IS the new hip neighborhood where there's a lot of reasonable spaces and long leases?

You have opinions based on objectively better options that are obvious, no?