From Stranger Things 2 to Ready Player One, Here Are All the Comic-Con Trailers You Missed


Ready Player One is a pretty simplistic book. Don't get me wrong, I loved reading it, great fun! But also a little predictable. It's the thoughts of scenes from the book projected on the big screen that many fans will probably be looking for.

spoilers below...

For example, I really want to see if they try to incorporate the WarGames and Monty Python and the Holy Grail aspects (or some variation of those). The final battle between Mecha Godzilla and Ultraman would be pretty cool too. Just the idea of so many different pop culture references jammed together seems like it'd be fun to see (I mean, Wade's main rides include a Back to the Future DeLorean, a Firefly ship, an X-Wing, and a Japanese spiderman thing... that alone would have to take months in copyright talks!)
If the Lego movie and Wreck it Ralph could do all that contractual licensing stuff, the power of Spielberg could get anything done. It may not have everything from the book, but there is gonna be come amazing stuff to nostalgia wank over.
No interest in Ready Play One, but you should watch Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Luke Cage because it's amazing. It's second only to DD season 1 on my absolute rank of Netflix/Marvel shows and Iron Fist because it's fun despite it's obvious flaws (and amoung them I don't count the casting, Finn Jones is a delight). Both also reveal that Clair Temple isn't the worst part of Netflix's marvelverse.
I'm really digging the subtle musical nod to "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka in the Ready Player One trailer.
When the film was first announced a year ago or so, I immediately thought Willem Dafoe would be the perfect choice for Nolan Sorrento.