Seahawks DE Michael Bennett Co-Authoring Book Called Things That Make White People Uncomfortable


Drat, I was kind of hoping the grammatical mistake in the title was intentional.
Can't wait for Charles Mudede to call this out as racist
Considering the title of the book, will it also include a chapter on Black Seahawk players out of uniform while out and about in the Seattle area?, e.g., Kam Chancellor getting the police called on him in Redmond while trying to get information on a gym he wanted to buy
Only 10 years too late to be fresh. It'll probably suck.
Alternate title: Attention Whore Wants Attention.
@6 - Maybe he should call it "Things That Still, After All These Years, Make White People Uncomfortable"?
Love that guy. Go Hawks!
His brother is cool.
What a fresh take.
OK. I get that Bennett is a provocateur. Fine. He's perfectly allowed to write any kind of book he wants. But @7 has a point. I believe he just wants attention. I won't be reading it anytime soon. Less because it might be irritating or dull. But largely because it will be an ode to Bennett himself.

@11 Like the sarcasm :)

BTW, I wonder how uncomfortable Bennett feels about this:…

We should all feel terrible.

One thing that makes me uncomfortable is people taking it upon themselves to explain to other what makes me uncomfortable. But as a gay guy, I'm not often sure when people are talking about me when they talk about "white people." Whiteness tends to either erase all intersectionality or be totally erased by it. It never survives in harmony with other indentities. But my quick prediction, this book is going to be heteronormative as fuck, and honestly that's something that make me uncomfortable.
@12: Unfortunately, those stories are all too common in Texas and other border states.

This is something I wish people would recognize about this form of illegal immigration: it is also human trafficking. People get paid a lot of money to put these migrants in stifling hot trucks, but since it is all up front, there is no incentive to make sure they are safe at all.
Checked out some of Zirin's writing. It's a shame they aren't writing a less "provocative" book about race and football. It would probably be better.
Did he really co-author the book or use a ghost writer? Given the number of celebrity books that aren't really written by the celebrity in question I have serious doubts he contributed more than a few interviews. And does he really have time to write a thoughtfully produced text? Most authors will tell you it takes months (if you aren't doing anything else) or years to write a good book.
"Things that make white people uncomfortable."... Losing a Super Bowl you should have won.
@17: wasn't Bennett that lost it.

"_ is just doing it for the attention" is a truly shallow criticism.
@18 Didn't know football was an individual sport.
I love Michael Bennett and will probably read this book. And most of y'all are racist. And @17/18 you don't know shit about football.
@20. Hey, fuck you.
One of the things that makes white people uncomfortable is a black man writing a book called Things That Make White People Uncomfortable.
@13, As a gay person I am viscerally aware of things that make straight people uncomfortable. My cumulative experience observing straight people's discomfort around gay people would give me far more material to work with than a straight person's experience would, though it would probably still be a terrible book.
Concussions make people say the darnedest things.
@20. What's to understand, dumbass? I watch the game, understand the rules, know the players and their positions, and am entertained by their collective and individual athletic prowess. It's fucking football, I love it, but it's not a game of intellectual exclusion you tool.

Bennett was on the team that won and lost our consecutive super bowls. You can say it came down to one play, but there was 60 minutes of football before that one play, right? Or did the game start on the one yard line with no time on the clock? Team sport. It's a concept you obviously know nothing about.
I do so love that Michael Bennett. No matter where I go, I'll love the Seahawks (as long as he and Pete are part of the team). I can't wait to read it and gift it to my son.
@12, lark2, to be honest, chances are you won't be reading much of anything beyond The Stranger and even that, not consistently.
@12 I'd posit almost all authors and columnists are attention whores. It's not that different from acting or being a musician.
@21- Fuck you too, shitstain.

@25- So that game that came down to one play at the end came down to one play at the end because the Seahawks defense held the a Patriots offense that averaged about 35 points a game to 28 points despite being on the field way too long. Bennett is on the defense. It's a team sport, but unlike soccer (maybe you're confusing the two footballs? Your "insight" into the game makes it seem possible) the defense isn't on the field the whole time.
@28- Authors, musicians, actors, people who post on online forums a lot.... It's almost like "attention whore" is just an insult people fling at a public figure when they don't like someone's art or what they have to say.
@28. Oh shit. You're totally right. I forgot the defense all got individual Lombardi trophys and the offense went home empty handed.

And actually the shut down defense we were accustomed to was leaking like a fucking sieve the whole game. One more stop and the game ends different at that final play. It's the whole teams fault they lost. Not just the play caller. Not just Russell (who did a phenomenal job in the hurry up to get them to that heartbreaking play). You can't just say it's the offenses fault for not scoring enough. The defenses job is to keep the other team from scoring more than you, right? Who the fuck was on the field when the patriots went up for the final time? The offense? You're an amateur and probably a fucking bandwagon fan.
Much respect and admiration for Michael Bennett and his family. Jackie Robinson and Mohammed Ali could have stayed silent during their careers, but they didn't. So thank goodness we have someone who is can speak their mind.