The Pentagon Thought Trump Was Announcing a Military Strike On North Korea


Watching Imperial decline is very entertaining. And the best part is there is no way any of this can be fixed. Hell, it'll get much worse in a decade or so.

Just remember: "We'll never have someone more crooked than Nixon!" then "There's no way we could have someone worse than Reagan" we followed that up with "No way we could get more stupid than George W Bush". LOL!!!!


You've got to be pretty stupid to subscribe to Lenin's old "worse is better" doctrine, after all these years.

Or maybe just ignorant of all the history that's piled up in the meantime, where it's been a dismal failure every time anyone anywhere has adopted it.
@2, America is fully on board with "worse is better" that was what got us Trump and Bush.

So light up the bong, pray you don't have kids and enjoy the collapse of Empire! This is the best shit on TV!
"Buzzfeed's Report"? Don't you mean the reporting of Dominic Holden, the really good writer we couldn't hold onto because we treat writers like fast food workers?
Trump probably had to use the bathroom between tweets.
Well, it would appear the solution to this is obvious: henceforth, the military should simply assume that IL DOUCHE is going to attack anyone who doesn't share his last name, or is married to someone who shares his last name.
I love how ‚ä•rump's "management style" is to just constantly cause disarray and confusion, even among groups like the military that ardently support him. Great way to keep friends and allies, really really great. The greatest. He's so good at this shit... we'll end up with our first military coup if he keeps it up.
How was this man even marginally successful as a businessman?
He's not. He inherited a ton of money from his father. According to people who have run the numbers (based on educated guesses, since he exaggerates everything), had he simply invested that money in an S&P index fund and let it grow, he'd have more money than he's got.

All his alleged business acumen has been a farce.
If our military was largely unsure for several minutes...

...what was North Korea's military thinking?

In those same few ambiguous maddening minutes, South Korea or Japan could've been obliterated.
Republiclowns perfected military action by Executive--and the Dems willingly carried on with it. We're seeing the logical extreme, now. I wish Congress would grow a pair and reassert themselves as the 'deciders' when it comes to war.
@11 - Oh, they have. They've decided on a full-scale Class War.
@9: Daddy also gave Trump his job in high end real estate in the first place.