The Problem with Jezebel's '150 Worst Albums Made by Men' List


Jezebel's list was wack. Spiderland? Why pick on Slint?
I'm looking forward to their 150 Worst Albums Made by Women list!
I'm pretty sure this list should actually just be titles "Music we don't like" especially given the lack of any sort of critical commentary of why the authors think this music is "mediocre" (note, I'm a cis-female myself, and don't agree or disagree with some/any/all of this list), just pointing out that no reason is given other than the authors opinion...
"The Problem with Jezebel's '150 Worst Albums Made by Men' List" happens to be a terrible Fiona Apple album.
What @3 said. It's just a list of stuff the authors personally dislike for who-knows-what reasons...

... although that said, isn't that what every subjective "best of / worst of" list is?
Also, wondering how uber-successful albums (e.g., Californication, Cracked Rear View, etc.) made a list of "terrible" albums?

Terrible because it's hip to hate on popular stuff?
Terrible because you heard the album too many times?

Meh... whatev.
@5, Little known fact: all opinions are subjective. Or at least that's what I read on Snopes.
I've no idea whatsoever from what album it's rooted, but this might be my favorite dude-riffic song/video of all time. Was called to our attention by none other than Dominic Holden at the end of one of his morning news roundups, with the simple caption,"Stitches, Ladies and Gentlemen."

Gosh, it's entertaining.…
Sound of Silver on a list of the worst albums of all time? There's a story behind that choice..
The Stranger is now reviewing a listicle that was written in response to another listicle, the original of which had little substance to begin with? Save this shit for your fucking Tumblr or a drunken Facebook post.
Despite being fronted by men, there were two women in Belle & Sebastian when Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant was released. So....

Also @10
Including any Belle and Sebastian album on this list is clear evidence of severe mental disability.
MAYBE could be on a list of not so great albums in an artists otherwise flawless catalog.
You made me Elle oh Elle, @4
Thank the gods my ears were born in the previous century and I have never been subjected to any of this dismal-sounding codswallop. I think I will go home and listen to Heart belt out Barracuda on the hi-fi.