The Bill Is Dead


Long Live The Bill!

J/k: fvck these chvmps
Ding dong the bill is dead, which old bill, the wicked bill. Ding dong the wicked bill is dead.
Unlike the wicked witch of the west though, I'm afraid it will continue to haunt us.
Good job McCain! And Murkowski & Collins. If Zinke ends Alaksa oil exploration in revenge is that like a win-win? I think Pruitt is invested in the Pebble Mine though so that is going forward.
Funny how these people could vote for repeal so many times when they knew that repeal was impossible, but now that repeal is possible, they vote no.

Really makes you think.
What really, really makes you think is what they were actually voting on: A piece of legislation that no one knew what it had in it, all so they could take healthcare from people and give the wealthy a massive tax cut - because enough is never enough.

Republicans are horrible people, and the rich should be taxed for being alive.
I'll bet McConnell is now wishing McCain had just up and died (like the multitudes who would have suffered a similar fate) instead of coming back to vote after all.
@7 If McCain had stayed in Arizona, the final vote would have been 50-49, so it would still have failed.

If we take him at his word, McCain's no vote here was a vote for regular order and against the depraved obscurity of the process McConnell has been pursuing. So hats off to McCain for this very rare occasion of putting his money where his mouth is. Unlike those other creeps - Graham, Johnson and Cassidy - who whined about it but then voted yes anyhow.
Thank goodness.

Now, maybe, hopefully we can back off a bit. This pace is literally making me sick.
Now to watch and see if any of those 50 senators actually gets replaced...
49 rather
Also, why does McCain get any credit? If it wasn't for him there wouldn't have been all this drama. As usual, the hero we needed was not an old white guy.

Typical. While senators Collins & Murkowski have been very public about intending to vote "no" from the beginning, McCain, who who's been wafflier than a waffle iron at a waffle-eating contest on the subject, gets all the credit for being "the decisive vote".
Two women bravely withstand intense pressure for weeks and weeks. Then a man sweeps in at the last minute and gets all the credit. What a surprise.
Rubio's 2012 Risk Corridor sabotage still stands. that's why insurers are pulling out of states - they can't get reimbursed. President Asshole isn't wrong - the ACA will fail unless that's fixed.

And it won't be, because Soshlyzm.
McCain's vote is meaningless. He's dying, he's out. There's nothing "heroic" about anything he votes on. He has nothing to lose, literally nothing to lose.
@12: Brain cancer.

It makes a much juicer narrative and nicer pictures than months of paperwork and procedure.
"But also don't forget that Democrats didn't include Medicare for All on the list of policies they'll be pushing in 2018. Until they earnestly fight for a solution that guarantees coverage for everyone, we'll keep having to play whack-a-mole with this ignorant, cynical Republican bullshit."

Here's where people need to face the hard truths about the Democrats. They WON'T.

It's not about "until the Democrats" - it's about "until the American People." That means we all need to find a way to overcome the influence of corrupting monies in politics and elect people who are not bought and owned by the insurance and pharmaceutical cartels.

Candidates who not only verbally support improved, expanded Medicare for All (including dental and vision) - but can be counted on, in reality, because they don't money from these groups.

It also means people have campaign all the time to overcome the influence of their propaganda machinery. Not just calling your representatives who will ultimately follow the bidding of donors you or I could never compete with - but every single F-ing day - posting at least one thing on the internet in support of Medicare For ALL plus talking to people about it. EVERY DAY.

That includes taking a good, hard, long look at candidates in local elections. Do you really want to give another promotion to another candidate who is clearly tied to the establishment wing of the Democratic Party - meaning, the wing of the Democratic Party owned by the insurers and pharmaceutical cartels?

The buck stops with you, People. I can tell you right now, that, in Seattle, Durkin and Farrell, minimally, are already owned. You help them to go further up this rotten ladder of corruption and deceit, we'll be forever like ping pong balls between the Republicans and Democrats playing some weird version of Russian Roulette, not with Kremlin, but who gets to live and who gets to die.

If Bernie Sanders starts a people funded, people powered party, I'm out and going with them in a New York second. I'd gladly give twenty-seven dollars per month to throw every single one of these sorry bastards - which includes the wing of the Democratic Party owned by these cartels - the hell OUT of what is supposed to be OUR Congress, not theirs!

Get off your knees, People. Health care is a civil and human RIGHT. Universal health care is NORMAL in every single developed nation except OURS where we are in the vise grip of what are essentially legalized MOBSTERS. We're being blackmailed and threatened by BOTH groups.

Get off your knees. FIGHT BACK. It's not just the Republicans. Stop giving these predators in the DEMOCRATIC party a pass.
@13: "McCain, who who's been wafflier than a waffle iron at a waffle-eating contest" at Der Waffle Haus*

(Dead Like Me reference ;)
Businesses want to throw their money at govt so they can get help from govt? People give taxes to the govt so the govt can help them out? I'd love to know what politician can even afford to stay a politician if they don't take money from whatever sized business that happens to want to throw their money at them. Lobbyists are just another way of looking at Business. There needs to be more articles written about these lobbyists.
@18: tl;dr. let me know when you announce your candidacy.