The Burien City Council Will Consider Repealing Its Sanctuary City Ordinance Tonight


They should not repeal it unless they also plan to cooperate with the federal government on marijuana laws.
Berkowitz, Bell, Tosta, and Armstrong need to hold the line and preserve the 4-vote majority. Do not knuckle under to rich GOPers from Bellevue and West Seattle hiding behind PO boxes while trying to interfere in our city's politics.

Throw out Wagner in November, and throw out Edgar and Krakowiak in 2019. These are not the right people to represent a town of immigrants.
This sort of shit is why I'm glad White Center said no to joining Burien. Hopefully they'll still get movement with Seattle even tho Murray isn't going to be around.
These city's that want to be a sanctuary should pay special attention to what just happened in
sanctuary Portland Oregon recently or Kate Steinly in San Francisco.…….

Sanctuary city NY…

When city's across the country begin declaring they will NOT be a sanctuary. What do you think the criminals, illegals, gang members will do? hand around and wait for ICE? No they will FLOCK to the nearest sanctuary city. So they become havens for Felons. This will create both a safety and expense for the citizens.

The Mayor, City & State legislators are doing their citizens a grave disservice and placing them in harms away.

Shattered American Citizens "Dreams."
People in this country illegally need either a path to citizenship(sadly, not gonna happen soon), or to get deported and come back legally. Pretending illegal immigrants are a "part of the community" is a slap in the face to anyone who has worked their ass off to come here and abide by our rule of law. You can pretend they're victims of big bad Trump and his ICE storm troopers, but no one pointed a gun at them and made them come here. They willingly broke our laws and continue to do so by staying here. No amount of hand wringing about their contribution or their victim status or their struggle to get here changes or will ever change the responsibility of the government to protect and enforce our borders.

This is the sole thing that i think Trump has done that makes a lick of sense. That anyone has a problem with ICE targeting criminals who are in our country illegally (committing crimes and being processed by our legal system) for deportation is so patently stupid you should have to wear a construction cone hat if you protest.
@5: There does exist a path to citizenship, it is just that, like all developed countries, it is a long one where relatively few people are qualified, and coming in illegally makes you less qualified, because now you have broken the law.

The question becomes, how relaxed do you want your nation's standards to be?

No nation on the planet just lets anyone in who wants in, and America's immigration laws are some of the most relaxed and unenforced in the world as it stands, which is shown by the sheer numbers of people who come here everyday, as the US is the top immigrant destination in the world by a good margin.

Which is why all this "I'm going to Canada if ______ wins this election" nonsense is so laughable. 99% of the people saying it would not be allowed to emigrate to Canada due to not having requisite skills, funds, education, etc. Just like every other developed nation.