Primary Election Night 2017! We're At Parties for Mayoral and City Council Candidates!


I just want to thank all the folks who participated in the exit interviews. I didn't agree with all of their positions but I enjoyed the thoughtful, earnest answers they all gave.
State LD45 has 10 points Democratic lead among the two women of color in the Primary

And first time 26 yo candidate Ian Affleck-Asch broke 1.5% against Seattle City Council Position 9 incumbent
Jesus Christ. "IT'S" and "WOMEN"? Someone call the copy desk.
This election will be breathtaking and historic if voters finally reject runaway taxation.
@4 it's not the first time. We also rejected the sugar and soda tax like a decade ago. Sadly, that tax is back like a bad penny. *sigh*
I was half wrong about my prediction but I am alright with the results. Continue to Vote Moon.
Well done, uncredited SECBer at the Durkan event! You tell those wine-drinking pants-wearing bourgeois what's what.
I'm ok with Moon. But, I'd prefer Oliver (it's who I voted for).

And, so long as Sara Nelson doesn't pull ahead of Jon Grant, I'm mostly happy with tonight's results.

I'd be more happy if Jenny Durham lost big to Oliver and Moon, but I'd also be happier with $300m dollars.
"Former governor Christine Gregoire chatted with Durkan supporters at the Alstadt Bierhalle & Brathaus, as did City Council Member Tim Burgess. 'Get me a white wine or a rosé,' a woman in the crowd instructed her friend. Durkan entered the room to cheers, chants, and applause. She took the stand in front of a row of well-coiffed campaign interns and canvassers."

So many dogs. So many whistles.
Back in my day, front running candidates had victory parties at The Westin. What is this world coming to?
@9 Sometimes it's hard not to be the cliché everybody accuses you of being.
Huh. The biggest surprise for me so far is McGinn. I figured he'd skate through the primary on name recognition alone. I know there are still a lot of ballots to count, but 6th place is way worse than I would have guessed. Guess I was wrong.

Catalina @10, I think it's the mail in ballots. Back in our day (I'm guessing we are in the ballpark of the same age), with polling stations, the bulk of the counting would be over, and election night results were more conclusive. Except for very tight races, we all knew the results before the 11:00 news. Now, we're lucky to get half the ballots counted on election night. Durkan is the only candidate who can safely party tonight. We won't know who the other candidate will be for at least another day or two, with mail in ballots drifting in for several days. The 8th district race looks like a similar situation. So it leaves a bunch of candidates standing around shrugging and giving tepid speeches. They can't claim victory. They can't conceded. They'll have to sit around on their thumbs for the next couple days waiting to see the end results like the rest of us. Who wants to book the Westin for a dull non-party like that?
Durkan always disappears when it suits her. Remember that going forward.

As for Murray and Carlyle's remarks:
"I just feel a man who's given his entire life to public service is a great cost and there is legitimacy to that, but I feel like ending his term and having a transition to a new mayor is punishment," Carlyle said. "I'm not judging whether it's punishment enough. I understand that the voice of survivors is powerful."

Could you hedge just a little more, Reuven? Everyone hates that "they've suffered enough" stuff. Amazing how electeds will circle the wagons around each other.

Odd outcomes in Seattle School Board elections. The candidate that the union endorsed in District IV didn't place (which says the that union can't get out the vote) and the ed reformer in District V managed to see the progressive vote split and he slid into second place. Look for huge amounts of money to flow to his campaign but don't be fooled - vote for Zachary DeWolf.
District VII incumbent, Betty Patu, trounced her only real challenger.

Not the mayoral outcome I had hoped for without either Oliver or Farrell but Moon over Durkan any day for me.
I feel good about how McGinn went out. I like the guy and hope he runs for city council or something.
I also hope that everyone who voted for "NOT" Durkan see's their way to voting for whoever is against her. Be it Oliver, Moon, or still maybe Jessyn.
Yeah whatever.
Hahaha!!! Love The Stranger's feels about Durian being the clear leader in the primary. Feel all the feels, kid's. Seattle will continue to support the only qualified candidate in the race.
#16: Durkan may be qualified, but why the contempt for ALL the other candidates?
Anybody know why they won't be releasing any additional returns until late Wednesday afternoon? It's weird that they'd count 19.8% of the ballots and just stop there for the night.
And does anybody know why they won't be releasing any more results until Wednesday afternoon? It's weird that they'd count 20% of the ballots tonight and then nothing for another nineteen hours.
Sorry for the dupe. Thought the first of those hadn't posted.
Whoa! I was so not expecting Moon to get in. Is this the Stranger's nefarious power? Anyway, I am not sure but kind of doubting I have encountered a candidate anywhere who I am so weirdly in sync with. Think I might have to try to meet her. Maybe she will even agree to help with my current crusade (which only exists in my mind) that involves hunting down Seattle City Light officials who are randomly massacring trees and giving them a sound thrashing.
Ms Moon seems very well intentioned and intelligent, but if her rallying cry is "Seattle’s voters won’t let the future of our city be sunk by status quo thinking" she hasn't been paying attention. While her and many of the other candidates were sniping over whose vision was the most righteous, people like Bezos, Allen, Gates, Brin, Zuckerberg and the rest were actually making it happen. What do you think all those cranes are about?

I want a mayor, or any leader, to have the brains, experience, savvy, honesty and gravitas to navigate and shape that new reality in a progressive but competent way, not someone tilting at real or imagined dragons that have little do with the lives of most voters, particularly the ones taking over the city.

And quit kidding yourselves that the country is becoming more open to big city lefty know-it-all pseudo-socialism, which nobody likes, and start supporting good candidates who can win, like Durkan. We can't afford another Trump, or the circular firing squad that was the 2016 election.

As for Oliver, she simply doesn't meet the minimum qualifications for running this city, and supporting her is for me the very definition of privilege, and mostly white privilege at that.
McGinn has yet again been rejected by the voters: I sure hope this will finally shut up his supporters on Slog.

And good news that we rejected another regressive tax for a non-problem. Maybe the voters think we should put tax dollars towards real problems like transportation and the ongoing housing crisis? One can only hope.
How do you think it feels to be Stan Lippman? You've been running for office your whole life and you still end up with fewer votes than Goodspaceguy.
OK, which 163 wiseasses voted for Alex fucking Tsimerman?
duffellduffell dear, you have to admit that a Tsimerman Administration would be a hilarious thing. (No, I did not vote for him)
wait, a 30 year old socialist activist gay black lawyer won't be mayor? total BS - we need to rally against trump or something.
Oliver and Moon party pics echo Sanders and Clinton. Corporate power carries the day. Well done SECB majority--backing the wrong horse, again. Fucking shame.
These candidates are literally all the same.
Disappointed in the lack of coverage of Goodspaceguy.
@30 your troll game is slipping
@23 Fairly great trolling. 8/10. Would read again. It got a little obvious when you started going on a Trump rampage, but I thought it was pretty funny.
For as liberal as Seattle claims to be, big money has run over the interests of the workers and citizens- I want a candidate with a spine when it comes to Amazon, developers and sketchy Chinese investment.

Which candidate will acknowledge speculative foreign (Chinese) money's negative impact on affordability here and at least try to channel Amazon's growth into something resembling a manageable compromise? That's who I will vote for.
Durkan is the establishment- more Amazon domination, more big money muscle calling the shots.

Seattle votes pro business as long as its represented by a gay candidate. So naive.
johnny utah dear, allow me to quietly murmur that Seattle (and almost all cities) are run on money. Sure, we might have more generous policies than places like Omaha, but a buck's a buck at the end of the day. Amazon et al employ a lot of people, and even more are supported off of vendor contracts and stock dividends. You expected a different turnout?

It's not the voters who are naive, it's the people who don't grasp that.
@34 Moon is running on taxing foreign property speculators.
@1 I agree. Some were definitely more thoughtful than others, but it was cool that people were willing to share their choices (and risk sounding dumb, always a hazard with transcriptions and off-the-cuff comments).