Exit Poll: Who'd You Vote for in the Seattle Mayor's Race (Downtown Edition)


Fabulous marketing, Ms Oliver!
Well done indeed!
Looks like people who don't have a stamp are trending Nikkita...
You guys going to make it up to Lake City? I'm curious to see if our former state rep Jessyn Farrell makes a better showing up here.
I'm not a Seattle resident and can't vote for the new mayor (it would be a toss up between Jenny Durkan and Jessyn Farrell if I could). But I sure do know who I'd like to see EXIT the White House but good!
@4: From reading the comments, it looks like there's a LOT of support for Nikita Oliver. May the best candidate overall for the good of the most people--and the sake of keeping Puget Sound and Washington livable with a healthy economy and environment--win.