Exit Poll: Who'd You Vote for in the Seattle Mayor's Race? (Beacon Hill Edition)


I'll never understand the people who think being an "average person" is somehow a desirable attribute in a candidate running for a prominent leadership position. Are you such a jealous, resentful, insecure person that you think our city's standards should be lowered just to mitigate your own inadequacy. Jesus fucking christ...
This guy is asleep… We've had many political leaders in Seattle who were POC including a 2-term mayor… Get a grip, bigots
Racist environment? Jesus Christ the electorate is stupid.

Spend some time in Alabama if you want a "racist environment". Or Japan for that matter
So far, according to The Stranger's exit polling, Nikkita Oliver will win in a landslide.

Let's see how that turns out.
An exit poll from one location is hardly a representative sampling.

Indigenous people don't need to go to Alabama to know what it means to live in a "racist environment", dumbass.
i leave comments in thestranger's comment section talking aboit how stupid people who talk offline are, too, that's why i'm writing this at this time.
"'There's no problem with local racism,' say local racists."