TUF FEST all day and all night.
TUF FEST all day and all night. TUF / Isabel von der Ahe

TUF, a Seattle collective that features womxn, non-binary, and trans musicians as well as visual artists and DJs, has announced their full lineup for the second annual all day/all night TUF FEST on August 26.

Daytime headliner Russell E. L. Butler—who is from Oakland— creates bold techno with a stripped-down approach. Other daytime performers include Seattle hiphop artist Taylar Elizza Beth and Vancouver’s self-taught DJ and producer x/o. TUF FEST ‘til Dawn headliner is K-Hand, aka the First Lady of Detroit techno, who is known as being “the master of setting the mood,” as she traverses the line between techno and house.

New additions to the lineup include musical performances by Nordra, Youryoungbody and Pleather, along with visual art installations by Lucia Santos and Erin Halligan.

The daytime portion of the festival is FREE, and runs from noon until 10 p.m. at Judkins Park. The nighttime portion begins at 11 p.m. and features sets from K-Hand and Eris Drew at a location still to be announced.

In addition to music and art, there will be almost ten panels/workshops throughout the day, including The Competitive DJ, a conversation on being a female/queer/non-binary DJ in the Seattle electronic music community, and Let Fatty In: Establishing Intersectional Fat Acceptance & Body Positivity in Queer Creative Spaces, which will be a panel on how to enable fat-accepting and body-positive spaces in the queer community.

TUF FESTs full lineup.
TUF FEST's full lineup.

Musical Performances By:
Russell E. L. Butler
Taylar Elizza Beth
Host DJ: MMMelt
Emcees: Jenn Green and Butter Ball

Visual Art By:
Bristol Hayward-Hughes
Brit Ruggirello
Gia + Kem Sea
Grey Ellis, Katya Rubinshteyn & Butter Claire Nelson
Mariko Yoshino
Mel Carter
Saïna Hesh
Lucia Santos
Live Airbrush T-shirts by Ern Hallgan

Workshops and Panels:
The Competitive DJ (led by Erin O'Connor of Train Car House Party)
An inside conversation on being a female/non-binary/queer DJ in the Seattle Electronic Music Community

Shine Theory (led by Shay Huff of WEM)
A discussion and workshop centering on Shine Theory, which seeks to break down the insidious myth of female competition.

Live Audio & PA Setup (led by Natalie Bayne and Katie Schultz of Seattle Sound Girls)
Learn about PA setup, signal flow, and live sound troubleshooting in this hands-on, 60-minute workshop.

Let Fatty In: Establishing Intersectional Fat Acceptance & Body Positivity in Queer Creative Spaces (led by Kim Selling of The Stranger and Gramma Poetry)
Sit yourself down and get some free education from four fat queer babes as they hash out how fatphobic, erasure-adjacent, and non-intersectional queer spaces can be (especially in Seattle). They'll discuss what their experiences with this have been, what is innately problematic already about body positivity & fat acceptance, and how best to educate people so that they'll cut that shit out, as well as discuss how to enable fat accepting and body positive spaces that are better for the future intersectional health of our communities.

Don’t Quit Your Daydream (led by Mary Anne Carter of Jesus Mary Anne Joseph)
This workshop and discussion focuses on business basics for artists that want to build a sustainable practice.

Effecting Social Change Through Magic (led by Unicole Unicron)
Unicole Unicron speaks about how to utilize radical self-love and attention to engage in profound and positive social change during times of unrest.

Language as Performance: How to Do a Damn Good Reading in Any Genre (led by Sarah Galvin of City Arts Magazine and The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas)
This is a workshop on the performance of written language. Learn how to deliver a compelling reading of whatever you write without soiling yourself or blacking out! Fame and fortune can be yours!

Foundations: Creating Music (led by Chloe Harris of Further Records and Patchwerks; QOQO ROBOQS of TUF; and Rachel Glasgow of Patchwerks and Motor)
Learn to utilize digital and analog gear to produce your own music.

Stretch with Women.Weed.WiFi
Badass collective Women.Weed.Wifi will lead a guided meditation and yoga activity while discussing the benefits of incorporating cannabis and/or smoking herbs into your practice. This activity aims to recenter and elevate, while providing tools to continue your practice in private.