When you didnt think he could get worse...
Stay angry. MARIO TAMA

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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Trump Wants to Cut Legal Immigration to the U.S. in Half in the Next 10 Years: Fuck. This. Bigoted. Bullshit. "The bill, sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia, would institute a merit-based system to determine who is admitted to the country and granted legal residency green cards, favoring applicants based on skills, education and language ability rather than relations with people already here," the New York Times reports. "While it would still allow spouses and minor children of Americans and legal residents to come in, it would eliminate preferences for other relatives, like siblings and adult children."

Jim? Jim?? Jim! Jiim!!! JIM! ICYMI, here's how White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller dealt with reporters' criticisms of the proposal.

Quick Fact Check on Trump's Claims About Immigrants: The Bigot-in-Chief's proposal is "based on some shaky assumptions," the Associated Press reports.

NAACP Warns People of Color Not to Go to Missouri: The travel advisory, the first of its kind against a state, follows the passage of a law that the Missouri NAACP calls the Jim Crow Bill, which they say allows legal discrimination. "People should tell their relatives if they have to travel through the state, they need to be aware," Missouri NAACP President Rod Chapel Jr. told CNN. "They should have bail money, you never know."

Soon. Nate Gowdy

Who Is Going Up Against Jenny Durkan in the General Election? It's still unclear, but the race for second is widening. After the second wave of primary returns came out yesterday, urbanist Cary Moon widened her lead over Nikkita Oliver. Moon still hasn't claimed victory.

It's Hot, Etc.: It's supposed to reach about 95 degrees today, National Weather Service Seattle Meteorologist Dustin Guy told the Seattle Times. The smoke isn't helping. Things are bound to get sweaty.

Woman Says Ride-Share Driver Raped Her "For Hours" in Capitol Hill Apartment: Jesus Christ. Seattle police, who did not name the company in their report, are working with the victim and the ride-share company to confirm the driver's identity.

If You Have Been the Victim of Sexual Assault: Know that you're loved and strong as hell. You can call the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network's (RAINN) 24-hour helpline at 1-800-656-4673 for support.

This Week on Blabbermouth: Should the Democratic party be backing anti-choice candidates? Dan, Rich, and Eli talk it out.

This Edition of Morning News Has Been Emotionally Difficult to Write (and Probably Read). Here's Something Good in the World: Honeybees. The little pollinators that help keep us alive are on a bit of a rebound in 2017 after their populations were decimated by colony collapse disorder. The number of hives lost to colony collapse were down nearly 30 percent in this year's first quarter from 2016, the U.S. Agriculture Department reported.