It's Time to Freak Out About Blue Angels, Loud Noises, Military Excess, Pollution, and Traumatized Pets


Haters start your hate engines!
The only way to stop a circlejerk is to stop jerking.
..instead, let's hear from some Lovers. Use this friendly space to tell us what about the Blue Angels roaring back and forth, back and forth really shines yer grits.. really makes you look up and say "by jingo, thems an impressive sight indeed!" (just don't let anyone compute how much they might cost someone instead of something else)
@4: Hmm, I thought that masturbating military aviators would have unhinged you.
my sincere condolences to those suffering under the wretched high falutin angels and their desperate horned up screams.
If you don't like them leave! They've been around this city a lot longer than you.
@7 According to the Wikipedias the Blue Angels have been coming to Seafair since 1972. Some of us have been here longer than that. I must've been out on Vashon, as I never did get to see them in their F-4J Phantoms.

What I find interesting is their current jets have long since been retired and they have to borrow spare parts from the Marines. ROTC kids who want to become Naval Aviators are all about the F-35 today - those F-18Cs are curious antiques.
Many of us locals, the ones who grew up here, we have a long tradition in Seattle of celebrating Seafair. Many of us grew up loving Seafair and the Blue Angels as a part of Seafair.

Long before grunge. Long before the Tech. Long before you fucking came here in love with your idea of how you believed Seattle ought to be.

If local traditions such as the Blue Angels are not to your liking, perhaps a good option for you is to shut your whiny pie hole, pack your shit into a U-Haul and move to a place where the traditions are more accommodating to you.

And people wonder why there's a "Seattle Freeze"

As a local...I also dislike the Blue Angels. Yes, what they do is amazing - over the top incredible. And I don't think it's worth the costs, financial and otherwise.
Meh, Blue Angels-schmangels. I wanna see some hotshot barrel roll a 787 over the race course, like they used to do back in the good ole' days.
Does anyone remember seeing that B-2 bomber over Lake Washington during one of those Seafair years in the late 90's? Totally silent, and it'd vanish from sight when it turned to be viewed edge-on. Black sky manta ray. Gave me goosebumps.
Oh, I remember the "conversation" now. Mooreman basically sexually harassed the spokesperson. Would the Stranger be okay with people sending sex jokes to its female reporters?
What so many people - including a lot of the "locals" - miss is that we are an aviation town. Yes, Boeing's heyday is past, and they may not even be here in twenty years, but there's still a huge amount of people who are just gaga about airplanes, and companies who make their living on servicing aviation. The sour faced scolds who think the Blue Angels are dumb, wasteful, militaristic, etc, just have to suck it up. As that rock combo from the 60's sang, you can't always get what you want.
F--k you. No seriously, F You.

I hate you. I hate your rag. I hate your inability to answer the phone when I call to talk about my latest caper to make Sound Transit greater. But most of all, I hate your bashing of the Blue Angels.

You are the worst in the world. The worst! We should make you wear Tsimerman jerseys and listen to Alex Tsimerman speeches all weekend this weekend...
Fly, you blue bastards, fly!
derrrp the sound of freedumb derrp.
SupportST3, I have an album of Alex' public comments. They're very inspiring.
In most places on earth seeing a Blue Angel hurtling towards you would be more of a brown trouser moment than a cause for celebration.