Shawn Hardison

You might recognize local actor John Paulsen from his role as Mr. Hands in Zoo, a powerfully bizarre and creative movie that pushes the constraints of documentary filmmaking and makes surprising points about bestiality and empathy. (It was directed by Robinson Devor, and written by Devor and The Stranger's own Charles Mudede.) He also had a lead role in S.J. Chiro's short film Howard from Ohio. Paulsen was included in the Twin Peaks revival’s staggeringly enormous cast list released earlier this year, and rumor has it that he might just show up in this Sunday’s episode.

At this point, he can’t tell us anything about his role—and he’s not certain which episode he’ll appear in. He thinks it’s coming soon, though, and this weekend looks promising. The entire process was shrouded in suspense: Paulsen only found out that the mystery project he was auditioning for was Twin Peaks after he was officially cast.

“Even when I was acting in it, I was just given the scenes that I was participating in," Paulsen said. "I don’t think [any of the actors] except Kyle MacLachlan had an idea of the scope or trajectory of the story. It’s fun being a fan myself—I’m kind of in the dark in a lot of ways.”

The revival has earned lots of praise and a good deal of criticism (including Leilani Polk’s skeptical review) but as Charles Mudede writes:"if you love Lynch, the return will be as good as the original."

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Whether or not you're a Lynch fan, the series is worth watching for the Washington connections alone. Paulsen mentioned other local favorites who've been featured, including Ted Dowling and Lisa Coronado, who played the aptly named "Hit and Run Mom". Paulsen said, "They’ve shot a lot more in the Northwest. It’s great having that element as well as the local talent that’s featured. It adds more authenticity to the show."

You can watch the latest episode at home on Showtime when it premieres this weekend—or you can head to Linda's on Sunday at 8 pm for a booze-filled viewing party.