Jessyn Farrell concedes.
But I kinda liked Jessyn! NATE GOWDY

Though Farrell gained votes in yesterday's ballot drop, this morning the mayoral candidate and former state legislator conceded. In a Facebook post, she writes:

Unfortunately, our campaign will not be advancing to the General Election. As I am disappointed to not continue in this race, I will always keep working on behalf of my friends, my neighbors, and the communities in Seattle. I have been passionate about civics, politics, and giving back to my community my entire life. We must continue to build on the progress we have seen in this city - our fight is not over.

Here's the full post:

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I kinda liked Jessyn. She would have been a good mayor. She's a transit activist! She planned to aggressively tackle the affordable housing crisis! She secured $500 million dollars in ST3 funding to pay for everything! She played the saxophone and sang "Carless Whisper" at candidate survivor and it was really good! Her parents were great! And she took a big risk in resigning her legislative seat to run for mayor in an already crowded race. That's something.

But she also said that Seattle needed to "reject the politics of personal destruction" in regard to the sexual abuse allegations against Ed Murray, and she wasn't admonishing Murray for attacking the character of his accusers. That's something, too.

How Farrell will continue to pursue her passion for civics is unclear, but it doesn't seem like she'll be leaving the political stage entirely. “There’s lots of ways to serve," she told the SECB at the election party. "We'll see."