Crazy NRA Lady Threatens to Fist the New York Times


Huh, I thought the clenched fist was the logo for the SDS... until it went defunct 50 years ago, at least.
Actually, she wants some reporters murdered
Sometimes I don't recognize the country I've lived in for over half a century.
I think she said fisk. But she has a great evila dominatrix thing going....
#4 Fisk is not a word. It's only entry in a dictionary is the last name of a 19th century financier/scam artist. She said fist and then claimed she said fisk, which makes no sense whatsoever.
Uttlerly repulsive woman.

If Fisk=scam artist, then I think she absolutely knew what she was saying...
Generally know as to refute or criticize, and is in a dictionary:

Thankfully, the word is better known that the unpleasant image that Dan conjured up.
@7 - Forsooth. Funny to think internet jargon once widely known has slipped into obscurity. I suppose the practice has become obsolete because nobody writes long posts on the internet anymore.
Dana Loesch is another Ann Coulter wannabe. Her show is a daily recitation of stupid white people resentments and cries against those with "Cosmopolitan Bias" (meaning anyone from a city with half a brain. It's my favorite new phrase. It sounds like a gay piano bar)

According to her bio, she lives in Texas (grew up in Missouri). Something tells me that she's not living in some backwater. She's probably in some urban center where she can enjoy the delights of a cosmopolitan bias while telling her dopey listeners how much better it is in the rural areas.

Pretty tough talk from a woman who most NRA members would look askance at, instantly wondering about her immigration status purely because of her coloring.

If this lady (whoever the hell she is) really believes the NYT is not a reputable source of news, she's beyond help.
That's all well and good, but she actually said fist.
It was a call back to her earlier rant where she referenced the "clenched fist of truth".

The use of the word fist is far less disturbing to me than the repeated assertion that the truth are lies and lies are the truth.
I've noticed for some years now that the increasingly degenerate gun culture (yes, she said "fist" deliberately) keeps getting farther and farther afield from its area of supposed expertise. Now the NRA has dropped all pretense of being about anything but pure tribalism. This video doesn't even bother to mention guns!
It would be funny is she said "fist", but I've played it multiple times and it definitely ends with a "k".

She says fisk, not fist.
@14 I listened to that passage again, with headphones on and the volume up, and while I'm still not entirely certain, you may be right. BUT if she did say "fisk" I suspect she chose that rather obscure word because she knew exactly how it would be misheard. Kind of like how Southern white politicians used to say "nigras" - we all know what she meant.