It was a nice intersectional/radical/batshit thought—depending on who you asked—and Sam Keller, Seattle Voter, wasn't the only person thinking along the Moon-drops-out-and-endorses-Oliver lines. Keller says she's heard from lots of people today who agree with her and wanted to thank her for writing her open letter. But Nikkita Oliver can't run as a write-in candidate, as it turns out, even if Moon were to step aside—a move the entire SECB would oppose, even the wing of the SECB that endorsed Oliver. (A majority of the SECB backed Moon in
the primary—you can read our endorsement here—and I'm going to out on a limb and predict that the SECB's support for Moon will be unanimous in the general election.)

Take it away, Revised Code of Washington 29a.24.311:

(3) No person may file as a write-in candidate where:
(a) At a general election, the person attempting to file either filed as a write-in candidate for the same office at the preceding primary or the person's name appeared on the ballot for the same office at the preceding primary;

If Oliver attempted a write-in campaign, votes for her wouldn't be counted and she wouldn't be mayor even if she somehow wound up getting more votes than Durkan. We should've checked that before running Keller's open letter. Our apologies. Thank you, Slog Hive Mind, for bringing it to our attention.

Now who will break it to Spekulation?