Game of Thrones Recap! Fighting Over “The Spoils of War”


They aren't in the river lands. Traveling from the Reach to Kings Landing wouldn't take them that far north.
Aww I'll confess that I also missed this point until I saw it on Vox. "Chaos is a ladder" is a big speech about social climbing that Littlefinger makes to Varys in season 3. So that wasn't Bran being pre-teen, cryptic, and goth, but him unleashing a subtle 3-eyed-raven burn. Bran see's all of Littlefinger's plotting and is letting him know.
Also, there was zero chemistry between Jon Snow and Daenerys. If the writers/directors are determined to force a romance between the two they've got a lot of work ahead of them.
@2 wait until The Mountain shows up. Who knows who betrayed poor old headless Ned. Then, the gig, as they say, is really up for Lord Baelish.
What exactly is "Surly Teenager" about Bran?

He's not mean or surly at all - he's just dispassionate.
Yeah, Bran is closer to Dr. Manhattan.

You know, none of these maps on tables and floors and in the opening have any scale on them. I can see how much stuff is in this world but I have no idea how big it is. Is it one mile across? Is it as big as Britain? Or Australia? No idea at all. In fact, the only clue I've been give for how big the places is is HOW LONG IT TAKES CHARACTERS TO GET HERE. Hello?

I would agree there's a contradiction if we had been told its 6,000 miles from Dragonstone to Winterfell, but since the only thing we know is it takes a few days or a few weeks maybe to sail there, then that's how far it is. You know, it takes one or two weeks to sail along the coast from Gibraltar to Rome. It's about 1,000 miles. So there.

Everybody keeps gushing about how each episode this season has been great. Well plotted, balanced. Strong characters. And then like "What's Littlefinger doing hanging around?" "Littlefinger is helpless and stupid". "What can Littlefinger do? Nothing? Waiting to see who kills him." "Why do they keep cutting back to Littlefinger. There is is again." "I'd don't know why he gave that kid that dagger. He has nothing to gain it's stupid too much Littlefinger."

So unless this show is total shit written by total morons, there might be a reason why they keep going back over and over to this one guy every episode. There's like 200 other GOT characters in the wings who they could bring around again just to see their faces but for some reason this guy comes back every episode. He's not the only one they're going to try to take revenge on, but we don't see each of them sitting there saying almost nothing every show.

He's fucking important. He's going to do something huuuuuuuge. They're building something and it involves that dagger and the dragon glass and the spiral and phi cave markings.

By the way, I couldn't tell from the cave pictures. Maybe the broccoli kids in the forest were going to feed the first men to the white walkers. They aren't actually all side by side, right? There's broccoli people on once side and the men on the other. Like Jon knows who to read a comic book.
Agree about lack of chemistry, but chemistry isn't everything. I think these two could really grow on one another, and it would probably result in something stronger.