Trump TV
Trump TV

Trump TV premiered Sunday on the President's Facebook page. The first broadcast featured the soulless Kayleigh McEnany, who was a pro-Trump pundit on CNN until Saturday. The new channel, which is apparently broadcast direct from Trump Tower, claims to be not fake news.

Trump TV's first bit of real news? Trump has created 1 million jobs. All by himself. Everyone who lives in the real world, however, knows that the jobs generated during Trump's first three months in office were undoubtedly a part of Obama's economy, which had eight years of depth. And, in the last six months of Obama's presidency, the economy generated more jobs than the first six months of Trump's presidency. In fact, job growth is slowing down. But facts are for fake news and the real world it reports on. Real news is transmitted from dystopian films of the 1980s.

Brazil, 1985

Robocop, 1987

The Running Man, 1987