One of these women could be Seattles first woman mayor in 91 years.
One of these women could be Seattle's first woman mayor in 91 years. NATE GOWDY

Many Seattle residents are thrilled that a woman—the first since Bertha Knight Landes was elected 91 years ago—will become the next mayor of the city. While this marks a progressive step for liberal Seattle, it's bittersweet that we are celebrating this victory in 20–frickin'-17—nearly a century after Landes' election.

Compared to Seattle's Eastern Washington cousin, Spokane, the Emerald City is waaaaaay behind, the Spokesman-Review reminds us.

Those of us who love to tweak the state’s great urban bastion of progressivism shouldn’t pull a muscle stifling a yawn. Welcome to the 1980s, Spokane-style. We had an all-woman general election for mayor in 1985, when Vicki McNeill ran against Margaret Leonard, two women who were about as different as a political pundit could imagine.

Since the 1980s, three women served as mayor of Spokane, all of who served just one term.

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"One thing we can say about Spokane is we treated our female mayors no better and no worse than our male mayors for more than four decades," the Spokesman-Review concludes. "We were equal opportunity unemployers."

On August 4, the Seattle's mayoral appeared to be still up in the air as former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan's lead over urbanist Cary Moon and attorney and activist Nikkita Oliver shrunk. As Oliver's votes inched up, her campaign announced they would begin chasing ballots.

The next wave of election results will be announced later this afternoon.