King County NAACP Decries Officers Riding Behind Families of Police Shooting Victims at Umoja Fest


"If this was a group of white women with pink hats, there wouldn’t have been police," she said, referring to the Women's March earlier this year. "As soon as it’s Black Lives Matter, the police are nearby."

Well, yes, there were police at the Women's March earlier this year. And at every largely-white protest march I've been at in Seattle for the last dozen years.

Blue is not a life - it's a job. And do you show the same level of outrage when black people are assaulted by white people? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the answer is - no.
@3: Find me a photo of 10 bike cops following a Solstice Parade float.
✊🏽Black lives matter! Also, maybe the cops were there to protect the protesters from the same whacknuts who would attack the pink hat ladies & solstice revelers.
"when a man puts [a police] uniform on that he is the paid protector of things of the present time. he is here to see that things stay the way they are. if you like the way things are, then all cops are good cops. if you don’t like the way things are, then all cops are bad cops."

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Time for another March!
Was there a credible threat to the marchers that the police knew about?

Perhaps not, but we'll never find out from The Stranger.

Really, guys. T-e-l-e-p-h-o-n-e. It's the weird plastic thing on the corner of the desk with all the dust on it. You can pick it up and speak directly to the police department, any time you like!
@8. Sidewalks during a parade have lots of people on them. Maybe they should have bunny hopped from roof to roof to avoid offending anyone.
@2- I have seen the police at parades. I have never seen a phalanx of bike cops insert themselves in a parade.
While the black-uniformed bicycle police might have hearts full of noble intentions, love and respect, their appearance in that particular location during that particular event looks very, very suspicious. Why did they do this? I would love to hear the rationale.
Its not coincidence if police keep doing this kind of thing.Its a cowardly act that police will keep doing because they can get away with it.